Onions with honey from the cold: how to treat, prescription and treatment in children

How to cure common cold honey and onions?

Nasal congestion is one of the reasons for difculty in breathing, where the observed discharge from the nose. This disease is found in virtually every person. For the treatment resorted to the use of pharmaceutical drugs or use natural ingredients.

Due to the natural components of the latter, and the right dosage, tools help for a short period of time to remove mucosal edema and to relieve unpleasant symptoms.

Is it possible to drip honey in the nose

Many wonder: “How to cure common cold honey?”. Most often for the treatment of rhinitis, which originated in the cold or the flu, use honey. It has bactericidal, regenerative, analgesic, anti-inflammatory effects. It is used as a standalone tool and also used for making tools widely used in folk medicine.

Honey is known for its healing properties, and it has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial effects.

The composition of honey is unique. It largely consists of fructose, glucose, sucrose, which are natural sugars.

Can the honey to drip into the nose? Honey is a powerful allergen. Therefore, people who are allergic to bee products, it is not necessary to apply for the backfilling of the nose. Because it can cause swelling of the larynx and lead to suffocation.

It is forbidden to use honey for the treatment of infants. Also with care to carry out treatment with honey of rhinitis in children at an older age.

Honey must be taken immediately after the appearance of mucus, and after a while. When the consistency and color of mucus secretion will change.

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For the treatment of rhinitis, you can use the crystallized honey. To do this, cut out small rectangles and placed in the nose. During the Commission procedure, you must lie on your back for several hours, until complete dissolution of honey.

Treatment with honey will not bring a positive result if the cause of the common cold, allergies, or penetration of bacteria.

The use of onion and honey for treating the common cold

There are many different recipes that are aimed at getting rid of rhinitis at home. There is onion with honey successfully used in the treatment of rhinitis. The connection of these components has a powerful healing effect, inhibiting pathogenic flora in the nose.

Onion is widely used in different variations. For the preparation of a therapeutic agent necessary components, as a rule, are in every home. The composition of Luke includes volatile, which possess antimicrobial activity and fight against pathogenic flora.

Very effective honey-onion drops. To prepare this recipe you will need the following components:

  • 1 Cup of boiled water;
  • 1 — 2 bulbs;
  • 1 teaspoon of honey.

Onion grind to a mushy state rubbed on a grater, or using a blender. Take three tablespoons of onion pulp and add to a glass of water, stir, to the obtained mass add the honey.

The composition needs to infuse for 3 hours. Then, the solution is filtered and a drop can be used to treat rhinitis.

As onion-honey drops to treat runny nose

Ready drops you need to bury your nose. It is convenient to use a pipette or a bottle with dispenser.

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The tool is instilled in each nostril 5-6 drops every four hours.

Treatment is carried out for 4-7 days until the complete disappearance of symptoms of rhinitis. Here you can read more recipes drops.

The composition used for rinsing the nose during a cold. It is advisable to use a blower or a conventional syringe, it is necessary to ensure that fluid flow was not very large. The head should be tipped slightly to the side.

Fluid to enter one nostril, while flow it needs from the other. Action should be slow, that would not hurt the nose.

Another way is to draw the liquid from the palm of one nostril, pouring it from the other or mouth. This procedure requires some training. After the treatment it is necessary to blow his nose.

Thanks to irrigation, the sinuses instantly cleared of accumulated mucus and disease-causing microorganisms. Rinsing of the nose necessary to carry out three times a day.

A very effective application from honey and onions. To prepare the solution to need half a teaspoon of honey and 2 drops of onion juice. Components to connect and mix well.

To prepare turundy of cotton or gauze. Materials for the manufacture of tampons is better to take sterile, because the material is tightly in contact with the mucosa.

To impregnate with a solution and put turundy nose for 10-15 minutes. This procedure is best done before bedtime.


Traditional medicine is accessible, natural ingredients and efficacy and safety. Before you use natural components, it is mandatory to consult a doctor. Only a specialist will be able to assess the benefits and harms from drug used.

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It is important to properly prepare the vehicle and do not exceed the prescribed dosage. Because an excessive amount of onion juice may trigger swelling of the mucous membrane. Honey and onion are also effective as prophylaxis. In the absence of contraindications they should be consumed inside fresh, and it will reduce the probability of occurrence of rhinitis and colds. Be healthy!