A cure of barley on the eye: drops, ointment (names, rules of application for effective treatment)

As you know, barley is a consequence of acute inflammation or prolonged hypothermia, which is reflected painful «pea» on the eyelid compacted consistency. Many believe that to treat this lesion in the eye is optional, but actually it is not, because among the complications ophthalmologists distinguish reduced visual acuity. It is also worth noting that the disease has an infectious nature, that is, the patient can infect other people.Лекарство от ячменя на глазу: капли, мазь (названия, правила применения для эффективного лечения)

So it is important to know what is the cure for the stye is the most effective. In fact, the pathology is well treated with traditional methods, however, not all patients believe in the power of alternative medicine, so choose conservative treatment. About this should talk in more detail.

The ambulance with the appearance of barley

For those who think that barley does not require additional treatment, it is worth mentioning that the complications of this disease can be a tumor not always benign nature of cystic neoplasm and chalazion. Fearing such consequences, it is urgently needed to see a specialist, which will determine effective treatment regimen.Лекарство от ячменя на глазу: капли, мазь (названия, правила применения для эффективного лечения)

It is important to clarify that one of the reasons for the emergence of barley is a genetic predisposition, that is, some people were at risk almost from birth. Here they just know, what is the most effective treatment of a sty drugs because it is defined on your own body by the so-called «trial and error».

Every patient can help himself, simply to observe certain rules of behavior during exacerbation.


  • Do not use until the final recovery of makeup and caring for skin remedies with the addition of chemicals. When hygiene procedures apply only soap, with no added dyes and fragrances.
  • If the barley is observed obvious accumulation of pus, then in any case it is not recommended to squeeze it yourself, as such actions can lead to further spread of infection through the blood vessels, and infection of the whole organism. Such complications can be fatal for health of patient’s life.
  • Before applying for barley hot compress, it is important to ensure that escalated really barley, and no other eye disease. Known diagnoses that have similar symptoms, but do not tolerate heating effect, after exposure to which the clinical picture is only getting worse.
  • For warming of the patient area the eye it is recommended to use boiled hard-boiled egg, honey cake or a sack of heated salt. This procedure will reduce inflammation, eliminate acute pain, and also promotes a little discharge of pus.
  • While the barley is not ripe, you have to treat it with an alcohol tincture, or lubricate the «green paint» in order to avoid further infection of neighboring tissues.
  • Important! If you encounter barley need to immediately seek further advice by the ophthalmologist, who after a proper diagnosis, prescribe the best treatment regimen.

    Antibacterial therapy in barley

    Since barley is an infectious disease, to eliminate it only by means of antibacterial therapy with gentle effect on the body. In the conservative treatment are directly involved antibiotics of the fourth generation, which act gently and purposefully on the nidus, and the list of contraindications and side effects warning is minimized. Representatives of this pharmacological group abound, but it is important to find out what the most reliable cure for stye. Лекарство от ячменя на глазу: капли, мазь (названия, правила применения для эффективного лечения)

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    Sulfacetamide is a proven antibacterial agent, which in modern ophthalmology, it is used less and less. Due to this capacious list of side effects that are possible already at an early stage of treatment sulfatsil sodium (the active ingredient). That is why the specialist recommends gentle, but also high-quality counterparts – more modern in the background of the «obsolete» Sulfacetamide.

    Лекарство от ячменя на глазу: капли, мазь (названия, правила применения для эффективного лечения)Tobrex is a modern antibiotic which is available in the form of eye drops, designed exclusively for local use. This is a great advantage because the drug acts directly on the hearth pathology. So, it is advisable to drop a couple of drops into the conjunctival SAC 3 to 5 times per day. Antibiotic approved for use in pregnant and newborn, side effects are almost entirely absent.

    Gentamicin – sparing group antibiotic money which is prescribed in those clinical pictures, where the action of Tobrex was insufficient for complete recovery. Apply drops and ointment in the same way, but have a detailed list of contraindications and side effects, which is very important to see before the first procedure. As a variant — drops Get Gentamicin.

    Drops Levomicetin – an inexpensive and effective cure for stye. Barley treated in this way is not the first decade, the number of grateful patients during this period only increased. The droplets are introduced into the conjunctival SAC, and the number of procedures is not limited.Лекарство от ячменя на глазу: капли, мазь (названия, правила применения для эффективного лечения)

    It only remains to add that the use of eye drops with antibiotic ointment at night is an inefficient procedure, because the drug is not retained in the conjunctival SAC such a long period of time. The alternative in this situation are tetracycline or eritromicina ointments, which are laid over the lower eyelid in the dose and have a more prolonged therapeutic effect. Also beneficial to the nidus effect UHF-therapy, which is only an additional treatment on the background of strong and targeted antimicrobial therapy.

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    And if you have an appointment drops, it is very important to use them correctly to achieve a therapeutic effect.

    Complicated for barley

    In the absence of treatment, as a rule, the body temperature rises, dominated by fever, convulsions, painful inflammation of the lymph nodes, hallucinations and a sharp decline in health.

    In such a clinical picture requires internal antibiotics and Immunostimulants, less – urgent surgery. All actions should be guided by medical experience, and not the superficial self.

    Лекарство от ячменя на глазу: капли, мазь (названия, правила применения для эффективного лечения)

    Important! If the patient for a long time ignores the progression of the problem, possible serious health complications.

    People’s treatment of barley

    But what will help cure the stye? The ointment can be prepared at home: squeeze aloe juice, diluted with boiled water in the ratio 2:1, and then to RUB the sore spot. Also can be applied to barley cabbage leaf and attach it on all night band. These people’s ways eliminate the pus, relieve inflammation and accelerate the healing process of the patient.Лекарство от ячменя на глазу: капли, мазь (названия, правила применения для эффективного лечения)

    In any case, it is important to choose wisely in an individual clinical picture a cure for stye drops, ointment it is, no matter, the main thing is to achieve a sustained therapeutic effect within 3 – 5 days, to avoid health complications.