Acyclovir eye ointment: manual, price and analogues

Acyclovir is a antiviral agent, which is intended for the treatment of eye diseases.

Pharmacological action

Ацикловир глазные мази: инструкция, цена и аналогиThe drug is active against the herpes viruses (herpes zoster and simple). It has the property to block viral DNA by inhibiting DNA polymerase. The tool is quickly absorbed in the cornea and near eye tissue and creates such a concentration of substances in the fluid inside the eye that allows you to quickly suppress the virus.

The composition and form of issue

Is a eye ointment, which may have a white or yellowish color. The main component is the acyclovir micronized and sub to white vaseline. The ointment comes in a tube 5,

Indications for use

Is assigned an ointment for keratitis, which was caused by the herpes viruses (herpes zoster and simple).

Method of application

Adults and children over the lower eyelid ointment is laid a strip of 1 cm to Perform the procedure you need 5 times a day every 4 hours. Even after visible improvements continue to use the tool for at least 3 days.


You should not use the ointment people who have a hypersensitivity to its main components. Caution should be used in pregnant and lactating women. Evaluated the possible effect of the use of ointments and the risk to the fetus or child.

Side effects

Ацикловир глазные мази: инструкция, цена и аналогиIf you use Acyclovir you may experience the following side effects:

  • a slight burning sensation the eyes;
  • the development of conjunctivitis;
  • the occurrence of superficial punctate keratopathy;
  • the emergence of blepharitis;
  • Allergy symptoms;
  • angioedema.

The appearance of such, should immediately stop using the ointment and seek the advice of a doctor.

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The use of Acyclovir according to the instructions can’t lead to overdose. If swallowed accidentally, the means may cause shortness of breath, pain in the head, nausea, vomiting, seizures. The person can even fall into a coma. Treatment in such cases is to maintain vital functions and dialysis.

Interaction with other drugs

Information about the interaction of this ointment with other drugs are not available. However, the use of Acyclovir with other drugs (in complex therapy) is possible only on prescription.

Special instructions

Ацикловир глазные мази: инструкция, цена и аналогиIn the treatment of this ointment should refrain from using lenses. After application of the ointment may be some burning sensation, which passes quickly and independently.

The ointment does not affect the ability to drive vehicles. It should be kept in a dark place and away from children.


As the same can apply to such funds:

  • Aktipol;
  • Poludan;
  • Ophthalmoferon.

To appoint a similar tool needs a doctor.


The cost of this tool in Russian pharmacies is from 60 to 90 rubles.