Antibacterial eye drops children — the appointment, selection rules, list, price

If eye diseases are infectious, fungal or viral nature, very difficult to do without antibacterial therapy, which aimed at the extermination of pathogenic micro-organisms. No additional antibiotics to achieve a final recovery impossible, you can only aggravate the progression of the clinical picture.Антибактериальные капли для глаз детям - назначение, правила выбора, список, цена

In modern ophthalmology especially popular antibacterial eye drops, which act gently and purposefully on the nidus. Their active ingredients destroy pathogens, structural integrity, and the ability of microbes to rapid reproduction in the affected organism.

Important! The choice of medication by the doctor treating them strictly on the grounds, but the superficial self, on the contrary, can only exacerbate the prevailing disease.

The effectiveness of antibiotic therapy

If the doctor recommended antibiotic eye drops, children’s and adult drugs work approximately on the same principle, in any case, provide a sustained therapeutic effect.Антибактериальные капли для глаз детям - назначение, правила выбора, список, цена

In this case, it is necessary to highlight the ability of antibiotics on the pathological focus:

  • treatment and prevention of inflammatory, infectious, fungal diseases of the eye;
  • a comprehensive treatment of viral eye diseases;
  • prevention inflammation after surgical interventions on eyes.

It becomes obvious how important such an appointment, but you want to choose the right name of medication, dose and do not forget about possible side effects.

Read more about what are all antibacterial eye drops are and what they can learn from this article.

The correct choice of antibiotics

Антибактериальные капли для глаз детям - назначение, правила выбора, список, ценаChoosing antibacterial eye drops children, it is very important not only to consult with an ophthalmologist, but also to conduct detailed diagnostics to determine nature of disease, individual sensitivity of the affected organism.

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It is necessary to highlight the following antibiotics which often appear in various diseases of the eye.

Tobramycin is a proven broad – spectrum antibiotic that is approved for use even in newborns. He promptly destroys the staph that is resistant to penicillin. Local application of medication provides minimal risk to the child, and the active substance is excreted with urine in unchanged form. Preparations based on it have the following names: Tobradex, TOPEX and other.

If you choose baby antibacterial eye drops, the list continues Floksal, which is also administered to children of any age (including newborns). Ofloxacin as the active ingredient of the medicine that successfully eliminates infectious-inflammatory processes of the anterior eye caused by the activity of pathogenic microorganisms. The drug is specifically for children are not available, but the drops are universal at any age. On the basis of the same substance have a drop Uniflox also approved for use in children.Антибактериальные капли для глаз детям - назначение, правила выбора, список, цена

Important! There are also other drugs with the same active ingredients in the composition, their name may be different depending on the manufacturer. Counterparts also need to pick up the doctor, because not all are suitable for children!

If you need to choose antibiotic eye drops, their price is also an important factor. In this case, it is best not to save, because children’s health is much more important and better to give preference to well-known manufacturers who guarantee the quality of their products.