As a drip drops in the eye properly photo, video

With diseases of the eye, even such as conjunctivitis, faces sooner or later every man and his appointed special medicines. Many patients still have difficulty in instillation of eye. There are several problems: first, the cure is shed by, secondly, is the pain, pain in the eyes. Both these conditions are caused by the inability to perform this simple home procedure. But how drip drops in the eye? How to improve your condition, to accelerate the desired therapeutic effect?


Как закапать капли в глаза правильно - фото, видеоBefore putting the drops in the eye, you need to consult an ophthalmologist and choose the most reliable medical treatment is strictly indicated. If this is not done, the wrong drug can not only trigger irritation, dryness of the eyes, but also to significantly disrupt acuity, cause photophobia, increased lacrimation.

Narrow specialist, in turn, not only intelligently selects the most appropriate drug, but also describes in detail how to apply the eye drops. Video and photo treatments can also be found on the vast world wide web, with step-by-step instructions.

Important! Determine with your vehicle, you must test its expiry date, read the instructions carefully. Before use, shake the bottle and if it is transparent, carefully observe the mortar, its consistency, composition. And if there are turbidity, sediment, compromising the integrity of the packaging tool cannot be used.

Position as to drip the eye drops, predominantly vertical, and it is advisable to tip the head so that it was parallel to the ground (floor). It is the most convenient position that will not allow the drops to flow ahead of time.

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Как закапать капли в глаза правильно - фото, видеоYou then need to pull down your lower eyelid, it is desirable not to exert great efforts to avoid painful feelings, then to lower on the mucosa of the conjunctival SAC 1 – 2 drops. Eyes close and a good blink, without changing the position of the head.

Similar actions need to take place with the other eye, and after the procedure is completed, swing the head, once again confirming that the penetration of drugs directly to pathological focus.

By the way, in the same way the eye lid is laid healing ointment in the treatment of viral and infectious diseases of the visual system of the organism.

If the complexity of how to drip the eye drops, still it is necessary to consult a doctor and possibly a visit to a simple procedure in a day hospital.

The following video demonstrates how to properly drip drops in the eye:

Patients note

The most common errors when you instill eye become the following nuances:

  • with a sharp lowering of the head the cure misses the conjunctive sack and flows out like tears. The therapeutic action in such cases does not occur;
  • if the dripping eyes at the outer corners of the eyes, noticeable improvements in a short time can not wait, because a too small dose of the drug comes directly to the pathological focus;
  • after the procedure, some time it is better not to move, or eyes to be buried again.

Medication is required to choose a doctor, otherwise you can only worsen your own condition. When self-treatment is very important to carefully study the instructions and only then proceed to the home therapy. It is important to follow dose, method of use, do not deviate from the established course of treatment.

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In General, nothing complicated; most importantly, to do everything carefully, with clean hands, slowly and not nervous. Even if at first you don’t succeed to do so, as needed, treatment should not stop, just costs more time to learn the techniques of instillation and follow it strictly.