Care of contact lenses planned replacement: funds, solutions, photo,video

Such means of vision correction, like lenses, are quite capricious regarding the care of items: the slightest contamination or damage, the use of them is becoming dangerous. And if mere dirt can be corrected with cleaning agents, damage should be avoided at all, otherwise a few of these products will have to be replaced immediately.

Caring for contact lenses involves a daily disinfecting in a special solution and accuracy when putting on and removing them from the eye. In the case that the models of the disposable kind, then you can do minimal care: lenses enough to wear, and by the end of the day they are released, and the next day, you need to use a fresh pair.

Contact lenses and eye care: the basic guidelines

During the initial putting on the lenses hands should be clean, preferably not just wash them and disinfect wipes or solutions to be alcohol-based.

Уход за контактными линзами плановой замены: средства, растворы, фото,видеоAfter the lenses are removed, the surface should be cleaned with a special liquid. This is done very gently, since rough can damage or stretch the Foundation if lenses soft. The main purpose of this activity is the cleaning of the surface from the ingress of dust particles, polishing and removing micro-particles that can cause damage. Such particles may remain on the lens, even if you just lower it into the solution, therefore, is much more effective manual cleaning. In this process, the surface is polished gently with fingertips, applying a cleansing liquid. You can buy it in shops, the tools of vision correction.

Important! In between the use of contact lenses must be immersed in the solution. It is poured into containers for storage of these products. Its application allows to maintain the elasticity of the foundations, the natural moisture, softness.

Deformation lenses is the main risk that can occur when ignoring a rule; moreover, violations of storage lead to the ingress of dirt to the surface. Without storage in solution lenses becomes impossible to use the next day. For a small amount of solution they can get infected, leading to inflammation, conjunctivitis, and dryness and pains in the eyes. As liquids are used to store the solutions in alcohol, ether and acid-based, they are also easy to find in any modern optician or online shop, care products vision.

Solutions for contact lens care: how to choose?

There are plenty of resources to care for these products.

Уход за контактными линзами плановой замены: средства, растворы, фото,видеоHere are some guidelines on the selection and use of liquids:

  • first you should decide what means to care for contact lenses must: if the products are intended for constant wear during the day, then you can do solution for containers in which products are placed after removal. If the lens is removed in the course of the day several times, the fluid polishing will be especially important;
  • most high-quality solutions are considered liquid based on alcohol. They are best disinfected products, as well as moisturize them. Currently, the widespread and alcohol-free liquids that have no odor and handle moisture and cleaning quite well. The cost of these solutions is slightly higher;
  • when you select should pay attention to the expiration date: this product is hazardous to health upon its expiry;
  • please tightly close the bottle immediately after use. By the neck to take up with your fingers is not recommended not to put inside of the infection;
  • if the solution for any reason must be replaced by equivalent, should consult with your doctor on this issue. This is especially true when changing to another type of fluid.

A large part of the solutions that are offered in pharmacies and stores that are compatible with all types of contact lenses — regular, silicone hydrogel, color, tint and other. For this reason, the choice usually is not difficult, and you can buy suitable products at the most affordable price.

A good example of the care for contact lenses presented in the following video:

If the product is intended for use for a long time (from several weeks to months), they should be protected from scratches, wipe clean and store each product in between relations in a special container. Proper handling and storage will increase the service life of the means for vision correction and to make them the most comfortable. To care for contact lenses should be treated with great care. Proper care of contact lenses, photo and video which is in the network, must be daily and followed steadily. Only way vision correction is safe and will not bring complications.

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