Charging for eyes with myopia: a comprehensive approach, exercises, reviews, photos, videos

Who of us wearing glasses, not want to get rid of them once and for all. Healthy people have no idea how much discomfort brings wearing glasses, they fall off, sweat can be lost at the most inopportune moment. When visiting the office of the ophthalmologist, often the doctor chooses the appropriate glasses so you could see and distinguish objects, and aesthetics and comfort are not always in this mix. But this technique of restoring vision with a charge usually ignored.

But points can be eliminated, and it is good to see. If myopia, or nearsightedness, is less than 1.5 diopters, it is possible to remove the glasses and start doing exercises. But if the rate is higher, then remove goggles is not recommended, you need to change them on the weaker counterpart.

Combating stress

The tension of the eye muscles is very harmful for the functioning of the visual organs. As with myopia and other eye diseases tension is extremely damaging to the healing process, so they must be eliminated. Of course, such a movable organ, as the eye cannot function without some load, but it should move easily.Зарядка для глаз при близорукости: комплексный подход, упражнения, отзывы, фото, видео

Permanent seat in front of the TV and computer can’t have a positive impact on our eyesight. Your eyes are constantly in tension and vision at this port. This article will be presented the eye exercise for myopia, which will help remove load from the visual organs and to regain their normal functioning. According to the arguments of experts, the vision is formulated from a person in the course of evolution is not suitable for continuous operation and therefore tends to deteriorate. This means that it must be strengthened through comprehensive exercises.

What systems are good for vision?

Charging for eyes with myopia in the pictures is specially designed in order to stop the deterioration of vision and improve its quality. Today, the main cause of myopia is prolonged computer use. Even children vision deteriorates, because already at an early age they begin to watch cartoons and play computer games, that is why there are children’s exercises.Зарядка для глаз при близорукости: комплексный подход, упражнения, отзывы, фото, видео

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Courses and exercises are developed by scientists and doctors, you can use any method and Norbekova, and created by Avetisova. But the principles are the same — exercises to improve eyesight, you must use comprehensively. This means that during treatment it is necessary to minimize the time in front of the monitor. To progressive disease was not discomfort, eye exercise for myopia, reviews of which indicate its effectiveness, should be combined with proper and nutritious food. Also you should spend more time on the street. Enter in your diet fresh carrots and parsley, buckwheat, oatmeal, fish, milk and liver, they contain essential minerals which are necessary for the normal functioning of the visual organs.

Some exercises can be performed using the following video:

All exercises must be done regularly several times a day. To achieve positive dynamics, you can not skip a single time and thus it is necessary to reduce the impact of negative factors on your body. With regular exercises you can fully restore vision and save, it just takes a little patience and execute everything correctly. It is impossible to obtain results in just a few days, it comes with time.

Be persistent, right do exercises and believe that you will succeed. Experts say that vision restoration is possible in case of regular performance complex, designed for this purpose.

Charging for the eyes

Doing eye exercises, pay attention not to quantity, and the frequency and regularity of charging. To restore vision need some time of regular training. In each case, patients will need several weeks to several months of hard training in order for the result to become noticeable. It is important to consolidate the achievements after you will feel the positive trend.Зарядка для глаз при близорукости: комплексный подход, упражнения, отзывы, фото, видео

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Exercises should be done before eating, and try not to strain too eyes, take a comfortable sitting position. The visual organs have to try more to relax. Better to start with a few exercises and gradually increase their number every day.

To understand how to correctly perform exercises for eyes with myopia, the video is recommended for viewing. Now we list all the exercises from complex to restore vision:

  • 5 seconds active by blinking, which I repeat several times after a short break.
  • The circular movements of the eyes that we hold first in the direction from right to left and then Vice versa. Repeat the exercise slowly 5 times.
  • The closing of the eyes when slightly stretched skin of the eyelids. The skin fix fingers and in this position a few times and close my eyes.
  • The alternation of strong zazhmurivaet eyes open to their situation. This exercise is carried out for 5 seconds in each position 8 times.
  • Look at the tip of the index finger of the right hand, you pulled into a standing position. Then slowly bring the finger to the face until the eyes begin to see double, and so repeat 8 times.
  • The pressure of the fingers on the outer corner, center and inner corner of the upper eyelid. This exercise is carried out about 8 times.
  • Try not making any head movements, to make a motion with the pupils, looking first down, then up at the ceiling. Repeat the exercises about 10 times in one approach.
  • Do about 10 times the following exercise: attach the right arm to the side and taps the thumb. On the finger you want to watch the peripheral vision, without making head movements. Then move the hand from right side to the left, and do the same movement with the left hand.
  • Without head movements to visually draw an angle some pupils. Do this exercise slowly, and repeat at least 6 times.
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    Described exercises should be performed regularly and correctly, which is very important to achieve a positive dynamics. If you can’t understand how to correctly perform exercises for eyes with myopia, photos can view online. This will help you not to make mistakes, and in the future charging will be included in your daily life.Зарядка для глаз при близорукости: комплексный подход, упражнения, отзывы, фото, видео

    It is very important to eat right in addition to done complex. Your ophthalmologist may prescribe a complex of vitamins, which is lacking in the body in order to at full strength to fight the disease. Do not forget, and to reduce the negative factors affecting your vision.