Color changing eye surgery, laser, lenses, drops: causes treatments, results

There are various reasons, change of eye color. Science has proven that over the life of the shade of the iris may change independently. So many children are born in the same shade, but in adolescence and in adult life it changes dramatically. This is due to the accumulation in the optic on melanin. Also, similar phenomena occur regardless of age and can be caused, for example, disease.

Ways to change eye color

Sometimes people will tend to change the hue. Change the color of the eyes can occur in several ways:

  • laser treatment;
  • chemical procedure;
  • operation;
  • the wearing of contact lenses.

Change eye color with laser

Изменение цвета глаз - операцией, лазером, линзами, каплями: причины процедур, результатыChange, thus, the color of the sheath of the optic body may. You can achieve a natural blue shade. The fact is that under brown eyes always hiding the blue hue, which is separated by a thin layer of dark pigments. With the help of the laser exposure the layer is removed and the natural color is exposed.

This is a new procedure, for works which uses equipment with a weak power. The pigmentation is removed, and the color of the sun penetrates the stroma, scattered there. While short waves are reflected, and it gives a visual on the color blue.

Laser change the color of the eyes is a very safe procedure. It may not lead to injury and takes place in 30 seconds. A complete change of tone occurs over several weeks.

Drops to change eye color

Изменение цвета глаз - операцией, лазером, линзами, каплями: причины процедур, результатыTo make the iris lighter with the help of drops. This effect is manifested as side effects from taking medication for illnesses. Thus, the lowering of pressure in glaucoma within the eye lightens it. The past few months buried drops having a composition close to the hormone prostagladin.

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During the exposure addition to their brightening effect is a violation of the power of the eyeball. Such funds are dispensed only by prescription, so you should use them for cosmetic purposes it is impossible. You also need to know that their use is unsafe.

Important! Drops that affect the color of the iris, in fact, intended for the treatment of serious problems. Therefore, to apply them in order to change the appearance completely unacceptable.

Surgery to change eye color

Operation of this kind was invented and developed by Dr. Kenneth Rosenthal in new York. According to the technology, the human eye is inserted into the implant of the iris, painted in the desired shade. This allows you to not only lighten it, but also to give any other color, only wish patient.

For installation of silicone implants is required to make incisions on the cornea. For this ophthalmologists use local anesthetic. The procedure to change eye color takes about 30 minutes. But the period of rehabilitation, during which the vision comes back to normal, is 2 months.

Изменение цвета глаз - операцией, лазером, линзами, каплями: причины процедур, результатыSuch manipulation can be fraught with patients with the following complications:

  • blindness;
  • detachment of the cornea;
  • glaucoma severe;
  • increased pressure inside the eye;
  • inflammation of the optic body;
  • cataract.

Initially, this development was only used to correct acquired or existing defects. Specialists do not recommend to use it in order to change the image because of high risk of vision loss. However, in private clinics is available this procedure, but it is not cheap.

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Lenses to change eye color

Изменение цвета глаз - операцией, лазером, линзами, каплями: причины процедур, результатыPerhaps the safest way to change the tint of their eye, these contact lenses. They are tint and decorative, with pictures and other. Toning variations are only able to enhance the natural color of the iris, making it more intense. As for the decorative patterns, they are changing not only color but also pattern.

The only thing you should consider is the convenience of such products. Pick them up can only be a doctor, this is especially true when you need correction of vision. Lenses use very carefully. Due to the limited motion of the pupil in the decorative patterns, they are used rarely, not every day, as regular contact correction.

There are several ways using which you can change your appearance. Some of them are absolutely safe and can not cause serious violations. Such, according to experts, are the laser treatment and wearing contact lenses. Any other methods are a danger to the ability to see and their potential damage is much higher than benefit to change the image.