Colored contacts for brown eyes — the types, purpose, photos, cost, videos

The desire to experiment, variability is a hallmark of many people, and if the clothes and appearance we can change almost everything, here eyes were not subject to our desire to change. Grey eyes were gray, and Kari — Kari.Цветные линзы для карих глаз - виды, назначение, фото, стоимость, видео

Brown eyes: change color

Despite the fact that colored contact lenses first appeared in the 80s of the last century, the particular popularity they have gained just now. A new generation of moisturizing contact lenses so be careful with eyes what you can afford sometimes to wear colored lenses for brown eyes without diopter person with normal vision.

At the same time for people with disabilities vision colored lenses is no different from ordinary transparent diopters and they can be worn with the only difference that now the color of the view can be changed almost every 2 weeks.Цветные линзы для карих глаз - виды, назначение, фото, стоимость, видео

Brown eyes at all times was considered the strongest and most passionate, that brown-eyed beauties attributed the role of a femme fatale, however, even this excellent color sometimes you want to change. Modern colored lenses for brown eyes are surprisingly rich range of colors, both natural and radical. In addition, the manufacturers of these optical «devices» offers a wide selection of extravagant figures.

The price of colored contacts for brown eyes not much higher than normal. If you buy them occasionally, to change the image on the case, the difference is almost not noticeable in everyday use the costs of them will grow about a quarter.

What are colored contacts for brown eyes?

Modern colored lenses stepped much further than his predecessors. If you look at colored contacts for brown eyes with pictures, you can see how exactly the modern pattern mimics the natural pattern of the iris. For a whole generation of scientists were trying to create a completely natural colored lens and so they reached perfection.

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First and foremost, colored accessories repainted brown color of the iris in the same natural shades — grey, blue or green. Moreover, specialists picked up just the perfect most beautiful and attractive shades, the ones that truly fascinate.Цветные линзы для карих глаз - виды, назначение, фото, стоимость, видео

In addition to natural shades, there are many other interesting lens is a palette of bright colors emphasize individuality and support a certain image. It can be various shades of yellow, pink blue and green, the eyes of albinos, white with colour rim and even orange or red.

Important! For dark eyes need to choose colored lenses saturated colors, otherwise they will not be able to completely block the natural color of your iris and will not produce the desired impression.

In addition, you can select lenses with a picture of the cat’s pupil, the iris, made in the form of a pattern. Now popular lenses radiation symbol, dollar signs, made the shape of a cross, chess cells, and even a soccer ball. Sold lenses with the image in the form of a spiral, web, targets, stars, flower, etc.

The purpose of these lenses is also not different from the usual: you can select and for the correction of myopia and astigmatism, and other problems.Цветные линзы для карих глаз - виды, назначение, фото, стоимость, видео

Important! If you choose lenses with a pattern for brown eyes, you need to pay attention to the size: if the lens is of smaller diameter than the iris, it is not completely overlap and the whole effect will be spoiled.

How striking lenses can change the way person, you can see the photo before and after use. Colored contacts for brown eyes, for example, blue colours, change the man, making more interesting and mysterious.

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How to use colored lenses for brown eyes how to put on and take off, there are many videos in YouTube and other online networks. About the latest generation of lenses is virtually no negative reviews, as they outperform everything that was created earlier and are no different from conventional correction.

Modern colored lenses for brown eyes – is the cost comparable to normal contact lenses, care eyes and a huge choice of pattern or color.

And that means we can expect a new boom in fashion accessories, really stylish and change the image of a man.

From the following video you can learn what lenses for dark including brown eyes are: