Colored lenses with diopters: purpose, characteristics, selection rules and wear, reviews, photos, price

The popularity of contact lenses is increasing every year, and this is not surprising, since developed, not only materials, but also expand the capabilities of this optical device. For example, in the free market is dominated by colored lenses with diopters, which simultaneously corrected visual acuity and change eye color. But what about these progressive models?

Progressive features

Many buyers mistakenly believe that the main mission of these modern lenses is changing the color of the eyes, but really do not forget about improving the visual acuity, which ensures that this optical device. Such lenses are prescribed and in case of myopia and astigmatic too. That is why the diopter selects ophthalmologist individually, and as a color palette, the choice for the patient.Цветные линзы с диоптриями: назначение, особенности, правила выбора и ношения, отзывы, фото, цена

With the help of these progressive models can not only play on the contrast, but it is also possible tint variations, which only emphasized the natural beauty look. That is why in optics, there are two directions – color and tint variations. If a brunette with brown eyes decided to try on the image of the «have blue eyes», it really is exclusively due to the colored lens. When we are talking just about saturation, then the ideal option would be the numerous coloring model on any color, taste.

We should also clarify that the color of this optical devices does not affect the visual acuity, that is, the contact lenses always perform its original function. However, if the man decided to remove the glasses to wear a more versatile device for vision correction, you should first consult with an ophthalmologist, to check again the predominant visual acuity. What does it do? Of course, for comfort and convenience, otherwise increased eyestrain will be accompanied by pressure jumps, strong migraine attacks, increased nervousness.Цветные линзы с диоптриями: назначение, особенности, правила выбора и ношения, отзывы, фото, цена

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Known disposable, one-month, three-month, semi-annual and annual variations.

Important! The beginner should choose one-day colored lenses with diopters, to first test whether they are, or should go back to wear classic sunglasses. In the absence of visual, General discomfort, there is no doubt that the choice was right.

The nuances of models

If the choice fell still on colored lenses with diopters (photo colors and shades can always be found online), it’s important to know the rules, failure of which can impair vision and cause hatred to such a radical change. What are you talking about?

It is not recommended to wear your colored model in the evening hours, since the optical system is arranged so that it will feel the presence of the «veil in front of». From this body subject to the discomfort and the evening in a new way clearly did not succeed.

It is undesirable to use such lenses for driving, because the reaction rate is significantly disturbed, you can not avoid the accident.Цветные линзы с диоптриями: назначение, особенности, правила выбора и ношения, отзывы, фото, цена

Not welcome such an innovation in the steam room, the sauna, the shower, the pool, because not only can you ruin a very expensive optical device, but also to put the severity of the already imperfect vision.

The average length socks – 6 – 8 hours, preferably in the daytime.

Caring for colored lenses is elementary, simply dipped them overnight in a special solution in the morning to put on a regular way, as to remove.

If you radically change your eye color decided brunette, that will make it difficult — lenses for brown eyes is complicated by the fact that not every color will successfully mask the dark iris. But the blonde much easier, because to change the color of blue eyes does not require radical solutions, of contrasts.Цветные линзы с диоптриями: назначение, особенности, правила выбора и ношения, отзывы, фото, цена

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To the choice was correct and deliberate, before purchasing it is important to try on any option, personally having experienced a new sensation.

If you strictly follow these simple rules, you will continue to delight colored lenses with diopters. Many buyers have already confirmed the reliability of such alternatives, and the hated glasses remained somewhere in the distant past.

Important! The question of color also need to discuss with an ophthalmologist or an employee of optics, because the result is the picture is not always true.

Expert opinion on colored lenses with diopters you can learn from this video:

Rules everyday wear

On colored lenses with diopters the price of «bite», so you must study all the nuances, not to exercise a rash purchase.

First, such models due to the transmission of oxygen can adversely affect imperfect eyesight, so wearing them longer than 8 hours is highly undesirable.

Secondly, if at a scheduled inspection after wearing colored lenses ophthalmologist determines the syndrome of «dry eye», it is advisable to buy a one-day model and apply them on the occasion, than to choose as the primary method of vision correction.Цветные линзы с диоптриями: назначение, особенности, правила выбора и ношения, отзывы, фото, цена

Thirdly, colds, which are accompanied by increased lacrimation and photophobia, it is recommended to temporarily abandon regular socks such optical models.

And last: it is important to control the expiration date, otherwise overdue model will not provide the previous visual acuity will trigger eye diseases of infectious origin.

Otherwise, this is a great option if there is a great desire to change something in your everyday style.