Computer glasses Gunnar (Gunnar) — reviews, price

Such protection is absolutely necessary for the people whose professions require a long stay in front of the monitor. It is the representatives of professions such as accountants, managers, secretaries, programmers, animators, designers and ordinary people who long time playing games or social networking. What are the protective properties of these glasses and why you need to choose a proven brand?

Computer glasses Gunnar: how do they work?

Очки для компьютера Gunnar (Ганнер) - отзывы, ценаWhen using such optical items like computer glasses Gunnar, the manufacturer promises us the following result:

  • the lack of effect of red eyes when you strain them in front of the computer;
  • low fatigue of the visual organs after prolonged use;
  • no headache, pains in the eyes, which are caused by radiation from monitors.
  • maintaining a high quality of vision with long-term and permanent loads for PC.

Lenses, which the company uses for such products, created by a unique technology company. They are framed in such a way that adhere tightly to the face, reducing the air circulation inside. This method achieved the maximum humidity in the area of the eye relative to the microclimate in the room.

Because during the stay of the monitor the blinking rate is reduced, the cornea of the eye dries up, and this leads to complications. Computer glasses Gunnar (Gunnar), increasing humidity in the region of the organs of vision, prevents drying out and the appearance of dry eye syndrome, compensating for a rare blinking. Also lenses, judging by the reviews of users and experts, plus have a small, about 0.25, and this is achieved by reducing tension at work, as images and letters are becoming a bit more. This prevocative a great impact on the eye is prolonged fixation of the vision on a small distance. Optionally, you can purchase sunglasses with yellow or clear lenses.

Important! Yellow lens delay harmful blue light, making the color gamut of the monitor is slightly softer. But for the representatives of such professions as designers, this can be a disadvantage because it distorts the color. In this case, it is better to use transparent lenses.

People who use such devices to assure their reliability and durability, ease and convenience. You can insert lenses with diopters and, simultaneously, to correct vision or without them, with good ability to see. All models of this brand have anti-reflective coating that can prevent many eye diseases. Read more about what anti-glare computer glasses and how they act, can be found here.

Of the following video, you can learn more about the benefits of Gunnar glasses:

Computer glasses Gunnar: the price of safety

Очки для компьютера Gunnar (Ганнер) - отзывы, ценаBecause of their unique properties and positive effects on the visual organs during his stay at the computer, glasses for computer work Gunnar are more expensive than conventional models. If the most common lens frame can be bought for 300 rubles, the cost of products from the company Gunnar about 6 000. This price is quite justified for the prevention of disease and comfort of use.

Conventional lenses to work for the PC are yellow, often heavily distorting the colors of the images. In such glasses, like Gunnar, first filtered the colors that are the most dangerous to human eyes. But this did not lead to the strengthening of the yellow spectrum of the image, as in cheaper less well-known firms.

Many professions have long appreciated the advantage of using such protective devices, and seen the desired effect from wearing them. Lenses well eliminate fatigue, eye redness and other symptoms of the disorders, improving the quality of work. This is due to the great popularity of the product, despite its considerable cost.

To buy such glasses is in specialized shops, ensuring quality and authenticity of products. Only this approach will allow you to get a really working protect vision.

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