Computer glasses Orient (Orient) — reviews, price, photos

Everyone who works at the computer, familiar with the feeling of sleepiness and fatigue that overtakes the user in a short time. This is due to negative radiation emanating from the monitor. To get rid of these symptoms and avoid deterioration of vision experts recommend the use of protective lenses for your PC. What are they — this can be found here.

The main function of these devices is the absorption of the ultraviolet radiation and blue spectrum, which negatively affect the human eye. These lenses pass warm spectrum of light, which improves visual acuity and clarity. In addition, significantly reduced eye strain while you work. What do useful such glasses and how they work, you can read in this article. As the main protection, you can use computer glasses Оrient.

Characteristics of the model

Computer glasses Оrient suitable for people of all ages, they can be used by adults and children when working at the computer. The purpose of this model is to protect the user’s eyes from the negative spectrum of the blue radiation from PC monitor. Protective glass inserted into the frame, significantly reduce the fatigue of the visual organs, as well as to improve their contrast sensitivity.

Очки для компьютера Orient (Ориент) - отзывы, цена, фотоWhat explains the positive effect of these glasses on the eyes?

So, in detail:

  • the resolution of the eye is increased due to the absorption of UV rays and optimization of the composition of the visible image;
  • relieves fatigue and drowsiness, increased human performance, due to the fact that glass allows the yellow part of the light;
  • is ignored a certain amount of light belonging to the green spectrum, this increases zetoobraznoj and prevents stagnation in the eyes, improving blood circulation, and renew biorhythm analyzer view;
  • due to the absorption of bright radiation decreases the susceptibility of the eyes to the monitor screen and reduces the risk of diseases of the retina;
  • reduces the effect of light scattering that is characteristic of blue light, and this improves the contrast of the image.
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Benefits of this eye protection enough. If you use sunglasses regularly, you can permanently get rid of the negative impact of the monitor, and work at the computer without harm.

Important! Even with glasses don’t forget to take a break between work to run a small charge for eyes.

Computer glasses Оrient: reviews

If you want to buy computer glasses Оrient, the price of the products you will certainly be satisfied — it is in the range of 600 rubles. Agree, this is quite a bit, considering what benefits they will bring to your eyes. You can choose different models, there are many options of rims that are suitable for adults and children.

Очки для компьютера Orient (Ориент) - отзывы, цена, фотоComputer glasses Оrient, photos of which you can find on specialized sites or virtual stores, presented in different variations. Among them are the female and male models for every taste. You can choose the product and for children, who often play games or watch cartoons, adults models it will differ only in the size of the rim. For example, the model Оrient tr5052 designed in a fashionable style with large glass wide rim (which can be any color) gives a great overview and will tell you that the owner is modern people, fashion. This model is available in men’s and women’s versions and in addition, it is convenient and practical.

Customer reviews about this product mostly positive. The products acquired specially for long hours at the computer.

Important! Sunglasses by this brand are perfectly cope with its task, providing the necessary prevention for the eyes. Therefore, many PC users prefer this manufacturer.

Should emphasize the need for such eye protection like glasses for the computer. If your work involves using a personal computer or long sitting at the monitor house, your eyes are vulnerable to the negative effects of radiation. To prevent the development of myopia and other possible violations, it is essential to use safety glass. It is always better to prevent disease rather than to treat it. In glasses well-known brand Orient: excellent quality, a wide selection of stylish frames and affordable price have been appreciated by many people, whose life is inextricably linked with the computer. Other brands, of course, also do their job a hundred, for example, Gunnar, but their cost can be much higher.