Computer glasses with diopters — features, photos, reviews

According to statistics, 75% of all PC users rapidly progressing the so-called «computer eye syndrome» which over time reduces visual acuity. Every schoolboy knows that for a long time to watch TV and sit in front of the monitor is unhealthy, so why is it so hard to ignore all the advice of a ophthalmologist?

The problem progresses and more adult when your chosen profession is associated with the monitor. His eyesight deteriorating and required immediate correction. What can you do in such situations?

Features glasses with diopters

Очки для компьютера с диоптриями - особенности, фото, отзывыThe apparent landing vision must wear glasses for computer vision glasses, which are not only «bring clarity», but will have a therapeutic effect directly on the pathological focus.

Among the curative and preventive properties, it is necessary to highlight the following points:

  • the lack of a sense of fatigue even after long hours at the computer;
  • elimination of enhanced tearing, rippling and feeling of «sand» in the eyes;
  • no dizziness, migraines and nausea when the visual load;
  • improving the overall health;
  • improvement of blood circulation in the eyes, blood vessels.

Often glasses with prescription lenses are worn only during work activity and for everyday wear use other corrective lenses. However, progress has moved forward, and today the free market is dominated by generic models, in which the lenses have multiple coatings – anti-static and anti-glare.

What gives? In the first case we are talking about a powerful eye protection from magnetic radiation and the second effective reflection malware monitor flicker, destructive flood light, momentary glare. Besides, no matter the conditions of artificial lighting, as computer glasses with diopters increase the sense of visual comfort.

Important! For special glasses, of you can spend in front of a monitor for a long time, but this visual contact did not reduce visual acuity.

Beneficial effects on the body

Очки для компьютера с диоптриями - особенности, фото, отзывыAs you know, the screen has a rich color palette that enhances the strain on the eyes. The use of computer glasses with diopters allows to make the picture clear and rich, but it is as safe as possible because the harmful UV rays refracted and reflected from the lenses. That is, reduces the so-called «PixelNet» monitor, allowing you to work safely at a computer for hours.

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In addition, the sensitivity of photoreceptors, as a rule, individual, and special glasses to adjust the emission spectrum of the monitor.

Important! Wearing glasses color on a computer screen captured in full and the image is not distorted, but the devastating impact of the individual on the retina and the lens of the eye is completely eliminated.

Also it is worth reminding that the hard part of the spectrum, which provides a negative impact on the visual system, «cut». This is especially true in offices where artificial lighting is installed by means of operate fluorescent lamps, as well as in school, when homework is necessary until late at night.

It only remains to add that computer glasses can be manufactured individually, i.e., for patients with myopia or hyperopia for all ages.

Rules of work in front of the monitor

When choosing the best glasses for computer vision glasses, the reviews remind us that much depends on the behavior of the patient and the peculiarities of his work for the PC.

In this case we are talking about following the basic rules:

  • The monitor must be configured acceptable operating frequency.
  • The monitor should be positioned 60 cm from eye level to minimize the effect of UV rays.
  • Every 15 minutes it is advisable to do minute break, directing his gaze into the distance at a stationary object.
  • In low light it is best not to use the computer, because visual acuity is lost twice as fast.
  • If you have already decided to buy computer glasses with diopters, remember that the price depends on the producers individual recipe, which provides the treating ophthalmologist. And to pick the form of lenses for glasses computer prescription lenses, too easy — photo in catalogues of optical stores and on Internet sites will give an insight into fashionable men’s and women’s versions, and to try them and finally choose will be when you purchase.