Computer glasses with holes to improve eyesight — instruction, reviews, price, photos

Most people faced with the fact that the load on the eye at the current pace of life has grown enormously: many work at a computer for several hours each day watching TV or spend time on the PC screen for entertainment, and eventually it affects the eyes not the best way. To ensure that the load was not too strong, it is recommended to take breaks every half hour, apart from a computer, however, if intensive work does not allow to interrupt the process? In this case, can help pinhole glasses: the computer they will help to relax your eye muscles, and the voltage will be reduced.

Computer glasses with holes to improve vision: do they help?

Очки для компьютера с дырочками для улучшения зрения - инструкция, отзывы, цена, фотоThese glasses are for adults and children. It is especially important to use these glasses for teenagers, because in this period the load from computer use often increases, and the eye system is not yet formed until the end of such loads can damage its development. Adults also need protection from irreversible changes that may occur due to the frequent surge of sight.

Typically, the frame of these glasses is made from plastic and opaque lens. This product is lightweight, and comfortable to use for hours.

The vast majority of people who tried to work for a PC or laptop in such glasses, noted an improvement in their condition. Some have reported that their vision had improved, and the sharpness of the image was higher than it was before using the product. Many say that their performance improved because the load on the eye below; no dry eye, redness and burning sensation. Those who have tension appeared conjunctivitis, noticed that this effect disappeared after a few sessions of use. Thus, about computer glasses with holes the mainly positive reviews.

Important! For best effect you should use them regularly for several months.

Glasses with holes: the principle of

Device operation is based on three main principles:

  • the aperturing. Grid of small holes on the lenses allows you to increase the sharpness of the image and the object falls in the range of best-of-sight to the retina. This effect allows a better view of those or other objects, even in strong or moderate myopia;
  • the load reduction. Diffusion of focus is one of effects, which manifests itself in a long and heavy load, while the light penetrating through the holes, gets to the lens in small portions. As a result computer glasses with holes to reduce the load on the vision;
  • load distribution for weak eye muscles. Due to this effect, the decrease in visual acuity can be stopped completely.

Important! Pinhole glasses allow to preserve vision level or gradually improve with regular use.

Computer glasses with holes: instruction manual

Очки для компьютера с дырочками для улучшения зрения - инструкция, отзывы, цена, фотоSince the application should be given time to adapt so that they become used to the image through the holes in an opaque lens. About 5 minutes eyes get used to the new way of obtaining visual information, and you can start to use the computer, watch them on the TV or do exercises for vision. After one or two sessions, 15-30 minutes you can see how, for example, to read the text becomes easier, because the sharpness of the picture increased. To use glasses for working in the dark is not recommended, as the eye sees the image with strong shadow.

Exercises to improve vision clarity also can be done in such glasses. Pinhole glasses for computer, photos which you can see on many websites, in catalogues and posters, suitable for wearing when reading or writing since they are most often used in the treatment of myopia and astigmatism.

The cost of the product depends on the type of lenses, type of construction (adult, children’s), materials and manufacturer. Most high-quality computer glasses with holes, the price of which is reasonable, sold in online stores and opticians. It can be the glasses Matsuda, Super vision and others. They can be purchased without a prescription, so they are available to the vast majority of people and recommended by many ophthalmologists for correcting vision defects.

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