Contact lenses astigmatic: purpose, features, advantages, disadvantages

In modern ophthalmic practice astigmatism is a very common hereditary disease in which there is no point of focus. The problem is really global, and the last decade could be solved using socks astigmatic points. Today, the use of contact lenses in this disease are acute, which is preceded by a number of reasons.Линзы контактные астигматические: назначение, особенности, преимущества, недостатки

Many patients glasses often feel dizziness, increased visual fatigue, acute pain in the eyes visit more often. In addition, when astigmatism is not always possible to accurately pick the points to further their socks avoid any unpleasant surprises. Still, the alternative was found, and it is called «astigmatic contact lenses», which today predominate in the bulk sale.

What is astigmatic contact lenses?

Patients with the disease «Astigmatism» know that treatment necessarily requires vision correction hard contact lenses that perfectly retain their shape on the cornea guarantees clear vision. But progress does not stand still, and he touched and the area of ophthalmology, demonstrating benefits and unlimited opportunities soft astigmatic or as they are called, toric contact lenses.

This innovative model, which differs from its predecessor (hard lenses) by design features. So, toric, or astigmatic, contact lenses inherent in spherocylindrical form, which simultaneously provides two optical power. That is, the shape is toric, hence the specific name contact lenses.Линзы контактные астигматические: назначение, особенности, преимущества, недостатки

Talking about this features, it is worth to highlight its main advantage: the unique possibility of correction of astigmatism in two respects – on the outside of the Meridian and refraction, which is very convenient and practical in advanced clinical pictures. That is why the number of people willing to buy this optical device increases almost every day, people don’t care about the cost of such contact lenses. But more on that a little later.

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The main advantages astigmatic contact lenses

As it became known, toric contact lenses are made from the latest hydrogel which rids the organ of sight from injuries, it allows you to quickly find the perfect option for specific clinical picture. Moreover, it is important not to forget the fact that handy does not bother contact lens frequent blinking and tearing, besides getting used to the so-called «foreign body» in the eyes is not difficult, in contrast to the points.Линзы контактные астигматические: назначение, особенности, преимущества, недостатки

In addition to the double impact on the pathological focus, this is the newest model of contact lenses has a number of other equally important advantages, which are definitely worth mentioning.

Among them:

  • the use of innovative materials with soft, gentle effect on the cornea;
  • the possibility of a clear lateral view;
  • no distortion of the retina, or its minimum value;
  • the possibility of correction advanced forms of astigmatism;
  • the lack of prismatic effect;
  • low spherical aberrations.

So the optical design only attracts with its unlimited possibilities; but, nevertheless, it is necessary to say a few words about the shortcomings which are somehow present in this progressive design.

The opinion of a specialist about astigmatic contact lenses you can learn from this video:

Disadvantages astigmatic contact lenses

As reported by qualified ophthalmologists, toric contact lenses is the right solution for all forms of astigmatism. However, despite the significant benefits that medical devices should also mention the drawbacks, which somewhat narrows the range of potential buyers, so to speak.Линзы контактные астигматические: назначение, особенности, преимущества, недостатки

Among such flaws of this contemporary design include:

  • the increase of myopia on the background strain of the cornea or oxygen starvation in the chronic form;
  • the aggravation of inflammatory diseases of the eye;
  • optical distortion and keratoconus.
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Therefore, this optical innovation, or rather his casual sock should be coordinated with the ophthalmologist, and purely individual.

Price astigmatic contact lenses

If a specialist is still recommended astigmatic contact lenses, price this optical innovations «bite». It depends on the number of contact lens in the package (for example, 2 and 6), manufacturer, material used, time wear. It therefore has a very broad range and allows you to choose the option that is best suited to a limited financial budget.Линзы контактные астигматические: назначение, особенности, преимущества, недостатки

However, doctors do not recommend to save on your health, especially when it comes to vision and eyes. In commercially available models of 1 000, for example, firms Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism; but also there are more expensive options – from 2 000 roubles, for example, Focus Dailies Tags. In any case, when choosing it is important to pay attention not only to the final cost of optical products, but also on the recommendation of a physician.