Contact lenses how to choose the correct yourself and what kind ( plain, colored)

Many patients with impaired vision refuse from daily wear glasses, choosing as a decent replacement contact lenses. This optical device has many advantages, but most importantly, it does not spoil the harmonious image sharpness, contrast objects at various distances and allows you to live actively without experiencing any inconvenience.

A worthy replacement points

If the patient decided to wear only contact lenses, how to choose a optical device? Not an easy task, and it is desirable to trust to the attending ophthalmologist. One thing, if the vision is 100% and optics are necessary to create the new image; quite another when you want to strengthen the prevailing vision.

Контактные линзы как выбрать правильно самостоятельно и какие именно ( обычные, цветные)To choose contact lenses on their own, without a doctor’s prescription is not recommended as the main selection criteria are the optical power, the radius of curvature and, of course, the material of manufacture of optical devices. If at least one of the parameters will correspond to the requested value, then vision problems can only get worse and it’s going to add and feeling bad, headaches, redness and dryness of the eyes. Therefore, even when choosing decorative lenses without diopters to pass the examination will not hurt.

Among the main advantages of contact correction it should be noted that the visual acuity does not depend on weather conditions or any external factors (eyeglasses can fog up get dirty, they can not lead an active lifestyle).

Kinds of models

Контактные линзы как выбрать правильно самостоятельно и какие именно ( обычные, цветные)In view of the proposed range, the question is, what contact lenses to choose is particularly relevant. As a rule, all models have conventional classification, that is, the defining criterion of evaluation.

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  • the mode of use is prolonged and a day;
  • production material – hard and soft;
  • at the time of replacement – daily, quarterly, traditional and others;
  • design – spherical, colored, fancy, multifocal and others.

In the latter case I want to add: before you choose the contact lens color or tint, you need to check your vision and appreciate the natural shade of the eyes. The fact that difficult to find a completely opposite tone (e.g., blue for brown eyes), and no extra fitting is clearly not enough.

The basic rules for choosing

Today, many patients ophthalmologist optician order via the Internet, and contact lenses are no exception. This is fundamentally the wrong approach to your vision, which can only worsen the sharpness of vision, General well-being. It is desirable to make such a purchase in a specialized center where consultants will give you practical advice and help to determine the choice.

Контактные линзы как выбрать правильно самостоятельно и какие именно ( обычные, цветные)It is important to remember that there are contraindications, which significantly limits the list of those wishing for such a valuable acquisition. For example, it is not recommended to use at inflammatory processes and infectious diseases of the eye, and in the case of strabismus, the tendency to allergic reactions, glaucoma, lens subluxation.

If you ignore these restrictions, among complications ophthalmologists differentiate hypoxic changes in the cornea, syndrome of the dry eye, inflammatory process, stages of relapse. Without further drug involvement is essential, so it is better without experimenting with your health.

When buying is very important to pay attention to the packaging, the shelf life of the optics, the material of manufacture, method of processing edge of the lens, and other characteristics required for proper selection. However, this is not enough, also requires fitting and training, if the patient switched from glasses to lenses.

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Important! The correct choice of lenses is not limited only according to the parameters of the optics and the camera. You need to consider whether you want to care for them. Improper care can lead to loss of properties of lenses and need to make replacements prematurely.

To choose contact lenses actually simple — it confirms the number of consumers of this product. And if you decide to take this step — you need to master the rules of donning, removing, care. Otherwise your choice will not benefit and will only leave negative impressions.