Contact lenses with astigmatism — pictures, reviews, price

Today, many patients are completely abandoned glasses with cylindrical lenses in the treatment of one of the most common diagnoses of ophthalmology. The fact that the toe of such optical devices provokes not only the General weakness and increased visual load, but also becomes the cause of systematic attacks of migraine, dizziness. Alternatively, the popularity of contact lenses for astigmatism, which has already passed the order of 80% of all patients with this diagnosis.

General description

Контактные линзы при астигматизме - фото, отзывы, ценаIf you recall the cylindrical lenses for glasses with astigmatism (more photos are available on medical web sites), cosmetic defect was provided, causing an inferiority complex. When was found a worthy replacement, internal discomfort in the patients disappeared, and visual acuity has increased rapidly without complications.

Contact lenses for astigmatism guarantee the same therapeutic effect as the glasses at the time, that is, provide a clear and contrast image due to the refraction, focus of light rays. There is that category of patients who at diagnosis of the disease was rejected from daily wear of glasses, opting for contact lenses only.

Important! No matter how progressive it was not a optical device, at first to wear it periodically, otherwise the long sock will only aggravate the prevailing clinical picture. But if the patient is switched from points on the soft model, such problems should arise.

The main advantages and disadvantages

If the patient chose lenses for eyes with astigmatism, you should know about the advantages and disadvantages of this progressive model. For the price difference is rather essential, however, it is important to remember that new models are regularly replaced, whereas glasses can be worn for a long period of time without additional correction.

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Контактные линзы при астигматизме - фото, отзывы, ценаPositive are the following:

  • correction of astigmatism is of high degree;
  • comfortable conditions for binocular vision;
  • the lack of prismatic effect;
  • the minimum change field of view;
  • minimized optical aberrations.

Among the disadvantages is to provide such nuances:

  • the progression of myopia;
  • inflammation of the eye in the acute stage;
  • the change in the topography of the cornea of the eye;
  • the reshaping of the cornea;
  • early keratoconus.

Important! To determine whether correction of astigmatism with contact lenses or not, can only the attending ophthalmologist after a preliminary diagnosis of the patient. Self-selection and the wearing of such lenses will not help in eliminating a characteristic of the disease, but will aggravate this disease and will lead to a high degree.

The choice of the model

Today, the preference of patients ophthalmologist are soft lenses for astigmatism mnachine. These progressive models are easy to hope on and take off practical to wear and he is not capricious in care. You can buy them at any the centre of the optics, and the cost is not so high against rigid (toric) predecessors.

Soft contact lenses for astigmatism are made of soft polymers and also have a toric shape. It would seem that the ideal method of vision correction was found, but in this case, we need to note two very important points. First, can change and deform the shape of the cornea, and to restore it requires to refrain from this wearable optical devices. Secondly, against the background of such correction sharpness of vision may develop early keratoconus, which in the future will become the main contraindication to the use of laser correction.

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The issue price

Many patients care about the main question, how much are lenses, astigmatism can be cured or not? In the first case, there is a vast price range which starts from 500 rubles and may increase tenfold. This is due to the quality of the product, rating of the brand and feature of the disease.

As for efficiency, lenses for astigmatism reviews are positive and inspirational, the main thing – to buy that model, as prescribed by the attending physician. Significant changes are observed after 2 – 3 weeks, however, must take place under strict medical supervision.

If you decide to buy contact lenses for astigmatism, the price of such decisions should not be the main criterion of choice; it is very important to choose the model that will actually correct the vision, increasing its sharpness without any discomfort.

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