Contact vision correction contraindications, pictures, reviews, price

Contact vision correction is the use of a contact optical devices for the correction of the pathological state. Nowadays, this technique was widely spread among the population. This is due to the ease of use of lenses and ease of care.

The lens is an excellent alternative to glasses, it will not fog up, subsides, and remains invisible to others. Discomfort creates a feeling of a foreign body in the eye, but, if handled properly with this optical device can get rid of unpleasant feelings. To use this method of improving visual function in many diseases and all people, provided that there are no contraindications.

Contact vision correction: specialists and patients

Today lenses in a huge range offer us a variety of manufacturers, both foreign and domestic firms. The material may be permeable to oxygen or not to pass it. The device helps to focus the image without distorting its shape, as well as glasses.

Based on what reviews contact correction of vision it gets from users and experts, you can give her advantages and disadvantages.

Контактная коррекция зрения - противопоказания, фото, отзывы, ценаThe advantages of contact lenses:

  • the quality of vision is much better than if using regular glasses;
  • if you choose the right product, it effectively restores visual acuity without distortion of the picture, which cannot be achieved by wearing glasses;
  • lenses allow you to lead an active life, not to limit their movement and to feel the freedom;
  • indications for the use of the method contact correction is the hyperopia and myopia, anisometropia or absence of a positive result from the use of points.
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But this technique is not devoid of flaws.

The disadvantages of lens wear are shown in the following:

  • they can cause irritation, corneal inflammation or allergic reactions in the eyes;
  • foreign body sensation in the eye;
  • impaired gas exchange;
  • eye injury can occur because of mismatched options or improper handling;
  • not always with the first time it is possible to correctly position the lens in the eye.

Also quite expensive contact vision correction — the price of one pair of devices is from 600 rubles and above, and should replace them every month. You can use day products but, in this case, you will have to pay for packaging from 15 000 to 4500 rubles, depending on the number of products.

Important! If it is wrong to choose the product, it will cause further deterioration of visual function of a person.

About the benefits of contact vision correction says expert-the ophthalmologist:

Contact vision correction.

This method of eyesight correction is also contraindicated among which inflammatory processes on the anterior segment of the eye, parasitic lesions of the visual organs, in such States lenses only worsen the patient’s condition. A particular danger of mite blepharitis. If the patient has dry eyes, then the lens is prescribed with extreme caution, for such cases, provided only a mild vysokovitaminnye options that contain not less than 55% of moisture, such as hydrogel or silicone hydrogel lenses. In addition still need eye drops moisturizing drops.

Контактная коррекция зрения - противопоказания, фото, отзывы, ценаThis correction is contraindicated in obstruction of the lacrimal ducts and the presence of dacryocystitis. If pinguecula or icerigin, the selection of devices is very difficult as they will not be able to move on the cornea. To use this correction is necessary to pre-surgery. It is strictly forbidden to wear lenses in the presence of a mental illness.

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In General, to correct vision this way is very convenient and practical. Today, you can find ordinary lenses, and colored drawings, and change eye color photo all of them just overwhelmed with the various forums and sites. But the wearing of these products has its drawbacks, including high cost, possibility of complications and inconvenience of replacement. In addition, the use of lenses is contraindicated in patients with diseases such as psychological abnormalities, dry eyes, inflammation, parasitic lesions, and others. Also wearing them implies some important rules, as well as compulsory care. Despite this, they still remain very popular among people suffering from impaired vision. And in fact, the lens is constantly usovershenstvuetsya developers, and fans of this method.