Cross linking for vision correction is the essence of the method, the recovery process after the procedure, reviews, videos, prices

Cross-linking is a method of treatment of keratoconus and other diseases associated with defects of the cornea. This is a very effective method of treatment, which is characterized by low invasiveness. Due to this, the treatment comes with minimal injury of the tissues of the visual organ.

This technique is now widely used for the treatment of keratoconus in 2004. It was developed by ophthalmologists, headed by scientist Theodore Zeiler in the late 90-ies. Its spread in such a short time the operation was due to high efficiency.

The method of the cross-linking

The method of the cross-linking, a video of which can be found in the network is to strengthen the stratum corneum of the eye. While keratoconus is stabilized with the use of a laser. What gives? The Horny layer of the eye composed of collagen fibers, and the operation creates an additional connection between them, which allows for enhanced tissue density. Due to such density, it retains its shape, and prevents further progression of the disease.

Кросс линкинг для коррекции зрения - суть метода, восстановительный процесс после процедуры, отзывы, видео, ценыThe stages of the procedure the following:

  • using special instruments, the experts removed from the cornea the top layer. All is under the effect of local anesthetics;
  • for half an hour every 5 or 10 minutes, the eyes of the patient is instilled with a solution of Riboflavin;
  • the next half hour on the eye periodically impacted by the laser which combine with simultaneously burying;
  • next eye protect contact lens for 3 days.

The procedure itself takes about one hour and is performed on an outpatient basis. Then you repair process after cross-linking, which returns vision. The price of cross-linking on average, is about 20 000. The cost may be higher or lower depending on the level of the clinic or place of operation.

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How exactly is the cross-linking can be learned from the following video:

Cross linking for vision correction

Feedback after the cross-linking indicate that the procedure is completely safe, it is very effective and does not injure the eye. It was proved that about 1/10 of all patients improve as their vision 1-3 lines of the table of check of sight. The practicality of the procedure is that it can be combined with other methods of vision correction.

Кросс линкинг для коррекции зрения - суть метода, восстановительный процесс после процедуры, отзывы, видео, ценыThere are both supporters and opponents of the method, the cross-linking that claim about its low efficiency. But many experimental procedures and practice of the ophthalmologists showed a high efficacy and safety of this intervention. The study intervention has even shown that it is successful and when the cornea has become very thick and muddy.

As evidenced by the testimonials on the cross-linking, it significantly improves the structure of the cornea. Also the advantage is that you can adjust to irregularities in the function of the organs of vision. The effectiveness is doubled. If you need a corneal transplant, after such a treatment, it is possible to postpone or even to prevent. And with the use of the femtosecond laser, which appeared recently, this procedure becomes even safer.

Кросс линкинг для коррекции зрения - суть метода, восстановительный процесс после процедуры, отзывы, видео, ценыAnalyzing the reviews, we can say that this method of treatment is very popular. It is safe and gives excellent results. So, patients can avoid serious consequences and significantly improve the state of your eyes.

In conclusion, I should add that this technology is also used in order to improve the characteristics of the graft, if necessary corneal transplantation. To do this, specialists combine keratoplasty and the procedure described above. This allows to obtain good performance after surgery. After surgery superior cornea is not irritated from tears, and this prevents recurrence of the fistula and other lesions of the cornea.

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Despite its recent appearance, the procedure is very quickly received a huge spread, and is already used all over the world. This is due to its simplicity, painlessness and safety. This is very important in modern ophthalmology not only for patients who want to improve their vision, but also for professionals.