Cylindrical glasses with astigmatism — description, price, photo

If to speak a simple language, astigmatism – a violation of the focus of the vision, which requires immediate correction. To fix the problem with timely response and systematic wear optics, but the doctors also do not rule out surgical intervention.

But still focus on such an optical device as cylindrical glasses with astigmatism. Photos of models always makes you want to wear them, but these glasses will provide clear vision and contrast rich picture.

The selection of the suitable models

Цилиндрические очки при астигматизме - описание, цена, фотоDespite the rapid development of microsurgery for the correction of vision, many patients to enhance the sharpness of vision choose optics. If the predominant simple form of the disease, the ideal becomes cylindrical glasses. With astigmatism need to wear them regularly, the main thing – to choose the right model, not provoke side effects. If the disease is prevalent in complex or mixed form, in a clinical picture the optimum spherocylindrical model.

To understand the efficiency of the cylinder is required to know the rules of his production: positive is the vertical Meridian with a higher degree of refraction, negative selects the horizontal Meridian with weak refraction. It is also important to remember that when you are weak close to the cylinder axis is installed horizontally, and for remote intervals more relevant axis in the vertical Meridian.

Glass cylindrical models can be convex and concave, and are selected purely individually, based on the characteristics of the disease. With a high degree sock optics causes a lot of difficulties, in particular, the patient constantly feels weakness, dizziness, nausea, migraines. That is why the alternative is contact lenses, or a combination of two devices for vision correction.

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Choosing cylindrical glasses with astigmatism, you should carefully examine the description to them. It is of great importance because of the action depends on the ultimate therapeutic effect and sustainable dynamics of the disease.

Important! Not worth it to engage in self-selection of points, their purchase should be preceded by an individual consultation of ophthalmologist and eye.

Main requirements to glass

Цилиндрические очки при астигматизме - описание, цена, фотоIf the doctor recommended that cylindrical glasses with astigmatism, the price depends not only on the model design and choice of frames, the basic requirement applies to glazing of the cylinders:

  • the cylinders are capable of correcting only a simple form characteristic of the disease;
  • the cylinder must correspond to the diagnosed disease;
  • the rim should be universal, providing the possibility of rotation of the glass;
  • the positive cylinder axis should be along the Meridian with enhanced refraction, resulting in a therapeutic effect directed to the weak Meridian refraction;
  • the axis of the cylinder is negative with a weak Meridian refraction and provides a completely opposite action is similar to the previous example.

It is important to remember that in the case of disturbed focus of spherical optical devices should not be used, and ideally are cylindrical glasses. With astigmatism video and description of these models will help to understand the principle of action and finally determine the choice. A special distinction is the fact that the lens-cylinders refract the rays exclusively perpendicular to the axis of the cylindrical plane.

All other details and nuances the attending physician must discuss the patient at the individual reception after a detailed diagnosis of problem body.

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