Danazol eye ointment: manual, price and analogues

Демазол глазные мази: инструкция, цена и аналогиDanazol is a product of combined action, which is designed to professionally care for the skin of the eyelids. He has a complex effect, improving the skin condition of this region. The cream has the following positive effects:

  • decongestant action;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • antipruritic;
  • reducing redness of the skin;
  • the removal of signs of irritation of the eye;
  • reducing the severity of allergic reactions.

The underlying disease, when assigned to Danazol, is an inflammatory lesion of the eyelid skin and eyelashes. This is due to the fact that the drug has a tick activity.

The composition and form of issue

The combined composition of the drug Danazol represented as chemical components and plant, namely:

  • lanolin;
  • olive oil;
  • glycans;
  • various emulsifiers;
  • chamomile medicinal, and others.

Dosage form of Damadola – eye cream. In the pharmacy network is implemented by tubes, each containing 10 ml of cream.

Method of application

Демазол глазные мази: инструкция, цена и аналогиRules of treatment with Gemasolar as follows:

  • the cream is applied with a cotton pad to the edge of the upper and lower eyelid, and then gently rubbed;
  • for the treatment of demodectic mange, you must apply the cream twice during the day;
  • if there is simultaneous skin involvement of the face before applying the cream should be treated with an alcoholic solution of calendula, it is necessary to avoid getting alcohol in the eyes;
  • the remaining cream should be removed after 30 minutes from the time of application with a clean paper towels;
  • the duration of treatment of demodectic mange with the help of this cream is 1.5 months.
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Drug Danazol should not apply in the case of individual hypersensitivity to any component in its composition. This is usually manifested by development of an allergic reaction.

Side effects

In the treatment of Damadola may develop certain side effects. In such a situation, you must contact ophthalmologist for a decision on the continuation of further treatment with this drug analog, or drug.

The main side effects that may develop are the following:

  • allergic intolerance;
  • eyelid swelling at the site of application of the drug.

Special instructions

Special instructions that need to be considered in treatment cream Danazol are as follows:

  • Демазол глазные мази: инструкция, цена и аналогиwhen applying this protection products have to use gloves to avoid samsarajade;
  • provided that the recommended daily doses, the overdose symptoms are not marked;
  • the drug should be stored in a place with low humidity, the temperature should not exceed 20o C;
  • the cream has a shelf life of one year.


Essential drugs that can be replaced are:

  • Bluefroger;
  • Decades phyto;
  • Demalon;
  • Glycogen.


The price of the drug Danazol is from 250 to 350 rubles.