Day lenses Acuvue 1Day (Acuvue van dei) — photos, price

Many patients ophthalmologist finally refused any corrective devices, socks are not always attractive points. Now, a worthy replacement was found, and it’s called «disposable lenses Acuvue», the price of which varies 3 000 – 5 000 rubles. The question immediately arises, why such high rates, what are the main advantages? The answer is obvious: high quality of the product is totally worth the price.

What is the cost of lenses Acuvue?

Однодневные линзы Acuvue 1Day (Акувью ван дей) - фото, ценаDay lenses Аcuvue become a worthy replacement of glasses, thus have a number of significant advantages are the choice of today. It is worth noting that they are made only from natural materials, which are not only hypoallergenic, but has a composition similar to pure tear. This fact is a guarantee of safe application, provides a large audience of buyers, thus you can count on a reliable vision correction, rich eye color and a sense of limitless comfort.

In addition, the lenses 1 Day Acuvue have different packing, for example, one pack contains 90 pieces, and it costs less; whereas in the other amenities include 180 pieces and will have to pay more. However, this imaginary high cost, since the patient is buying a reliable product and might not have to worry about the condition of the already planted the optical system.

Important! It is best to buy a large container, which will cost much cheaper, besides, will allow to forget about the problem for at least six months.

Product benefits

Однодневные линзы Acuvue 1Day (Акувью ван дей) - фото, ценаNow a very popular day lenses Аcuvue, because a lot of advantages that give freedom and release from inconvenience to absolutely everyone who uses them:

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  • if the work activities of the patient ophthalmologist always involves travel, and travel, to carry the storage container and the solution is uncomfortable. It concerns also travel, vacation. Here come to the aid of one-day models that can safely be thrown out after a single wear;
  • according to statistics, one-day lenses Аcuvue (photos of which can be found on numerous websites optics) to a lesser extent provoke allergic, local reactions. What can I say, this problem to the ophthalmologist still have not addressed any one patient, that can not but rejoice. Safe treatment high protection, sharp vision, and what else can you ask for?
  • design is thin, flexible, compact models that do not cause problems when putting on the withdrawal, moreover, is absolutely imperceptible to wear, that is the feeling of discomfort and the presence of foreign body eye completely absent;
  • if you choose these modern fixtures, you can once and for all get rid of socks with points, which are not only traumatic, but can also ruin the way the patient’s ophthalmologist;
  • when buying Acuvue additional financial expenses immediately disappear, because, as mentioned above, in the purchase of a storage container of a special liquid, tongs and other devices just not necessary.

Lenses models Acuvue 1 Day Moist, 1 Day TruEye, as well as the latest hit that has won the trust of the fair sex — 1 Day Acuvue Define. They provide sufficient oxygen to the cornea because they are made from hydrogel, give a feeling of freshness and moisture, prevent dry eye syndrome.

Many patients have personally experienced all the benefits of Acuvue that are not in need of care, highly effective in practice. Definitely worth the purchase, however pre-requires to consult a specialist narrow to completely eliminate the wrong choices and ignorance do no harm to your health.

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More about the benefits of one-day lenses Acucvue you can learn from this video: