Decorative lenses for the eyes: their varieties, photos, price, reviews

Now there are many types of contact lenses. Some of them help people to see normally, while others use cosmetics to accentuate the appearance and create a new image. They are called decorative, there are several varieties of such devices.

Contact lenses for eye color can completely change not only the hue and pattern of the retina. They can be used by absolutely everyone, with good or bad vision. Their cost varies depending on manufacturer and quality of product.

What are decorative lenses eye?

Декоративные линзы для глаз: их разновидности, фото, цена, отзывыDecorative lenses eye color can be divided into several types according to two criteria:

  • corrective and corrigiola;
  • tint and tinted.

These products can be used by people with impaired vision, they correct vision while creating a cosmetic effect. It doesn’t change the color of the image, since the area of the pupil remains unpainted. Such corrective devices are not distorted vision of the world. However, it is necessary to choose them with ophthalmologist for proper selection of diopters. Learn more about recruitment, read here. There are zero lenses, does not affect the visual function of a person, just generate a tone.

According to the second criterion, these products can be tinted or toned. The first form is transparent, has a light natural shade and only serves to enhance the color without changing it, to keep the same iris pattern. The use of such products is possible to the light eyes, dark eyes the desired effect to fail. The winner of the hazel eyes can use the information in this article.

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Varieties contact lenses can dramatically change eye color, iris pattern, but also to create an original drawing on it (cat’s eye, soccer ball, rainbow, fire, etc.). They are opaque and fully painted, free remains the only pupil area. Very easy to choose decorative lenses for eyes, photos of which are represented on the manufacturers ‘ websites.

Decorative lenses eye: price, reviews

Reviews on these goods are not always positive, although the specific harm such products can not bring. For their production, manufacturers use different dyes, not always preferring the quality of raw materials. To avoid problems, purchase products from well known reliable companies. Consumer reviews indicate a need full care for these devices on the surface can accumulate harmful microorganisms. If the bacteria get into the conjunctiva of the eye, can cause inflammation.

Декоративные линзы для глаз: их разновидности, фото, цена, отзывыAlso, users noted the inconvenience of driving a car. This is due to the strong deterioration of peripheral vision when using color variations, resulting in a person worse oriented in space in General, the products do not interfere and degraded vision to help see better.

If you need the lens to the eye color, the price of these products ranges from $ 6 per pair. Usually the taste of them to be 3 couples, so the cost of such product will be about 20 dollars and above, depending on the manufacturer.

Examine carefully the characteristics of the products of each manufacturer what materials it uses to manufacture its product and offering in the range. In addition, not superfluous will be to visit an ophthalmologist, as properly fitted lenses will not interfere with, sliding, and does not degrade visual function. So do not neglect the advice of a specialist.

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There are several varieties of colored contact lenses, some of them create just the right tone or effect, a different and correct vision, which is very convenient for people with nearsightedness, farsightedness and other diseases. Based on feedback to evaluate their use as safe — they are not able to impair vision or damage the eye cornea.