Direct eye vitamins: manual, price and analogues

Направит витамины для глаз: инструкция, цена и аналогиOne of the most important preparations of complex vitamin is Right. It contains useful mineral and biologically active substances that have a positive impact on the preservation of the normal functioning of the eye.

The cause of many eye diseases is protoplanet and a big load on the body. To prevent crashing this body was set up Right.

The composition and form of issue

Would send available in the form of pills, half a gram each. Each of them contains as active substances (vitamins A, b, C, P, Zinc, and extracts of bilberry, eyebright and Ginkgo biloba) and secondary (microcrystalline cellulose, calcium stearate and Aerosil). The shell contains a colorant E102, titanium dioxide and polyethylene glycol.

Release form – plastic packaging, which contains 20 tablets.

Pharmacological action

This drug belongs to a biological additives. It includes all the substances necessary for normal functioning of the eye. Very often the cause of failures and loss of visual acuity is the fatigue and eye strain.

Направит витамины для глаз: инструкция, цена и аналогиSend conducive to such actions in the patient’s body, such as:

  • prevents inflammatory processes in the body;
  • makes the walls of blood vessels of the eye, durable and elastic, which contributes to normal blood circulation;
  • prevention of deterioration of visual acuity;
  • helps quickly adjust eyes to the dark;
  • makes the eye more resilient to high loads;
  • creates protection from the harmful effects of light.

Indications for use

All substances which are part of the drug for daily use is able to resume the level of vitamins in the human body. Without such vitamins as A, B1, B6, C, e and zinc on the normal operation of organ of vision can not be considered. Especially recommended the use of Napravite patients with a weakened immune system and problems associated with the organ of vision.

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Method of application

Make will be Directed only to adult patients. The dosage is the same for all: 1 tablet 1 time per day. For complete digestion, pills are consumed along with food. To continue taking Napravite need during the month. After this period, you need to take a break for 10 days, after which you can continue to use Napraviti. Regular use promotes better assimilation of vitamins and minerals.


Направит витамины для глаз: инструкция, цена и аналогиThe use of Napravite should be discontinued/not assigned if:

  • the patient has intolerance to included components;
  • a group of people under the age of 18 years;
  • pregnancy and breast-feeding.

Side effects

Each patient’s tolerance of certain substances in the composition of Napravite individual. Does not exclude the manifestation of allergic reactions. At the first symptoms, you should stop taking the drug and seek medical advice.


The product contains useful for the human body substances which, when correctly do not have side effects.

Interaction with other drugs

Possible hypervitaminosis when combined Napravite and other vitamins. To avoid this you should choose only one vitamins or with the help of a doctor, to schedule of medication, which will help to avoid hypervitaminosis.

Special instructions

Направит витамины для глаз: инструкция, цена и аналогиDon’t forget that Direct is a drug which has no therapeutic effect. Used only after doctor’s recommendation. Well suited to patients suffering from diabetes as it does not contain harmful for this group of substances. Store in a dark, cool place, away from children. Shelf life – 24 months.


There are a number of instances where Direct purchase is not possible. It may be the absence of the drug at the pharmacy or the high price. Similar pharmacological action have such analogues Napravite:

  • Multicam;
  • Vitrum vision;
  • Nutri total;
  • Kuwait lutein;
  • The anthocyan Forte;
  • Complivit ophtalmo;
  • Bilberry Forte;
  • Lutein-Complex.
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The average cost for a drug in the pharmacies of Russia reaches 90 rubles for 20 tablets.