Disposable lenses for eye contact — instructions, reviews, price

Disposable lenses daily wear can have designations such as ephemeral, disposable or daily. They went on sale recently, as this product was only developed in the 80 years of the last century. But what made them so popular all over the world for a short time?

Those using phony, do not have to tell me about their benefits. One day, perceiving this comfort, did not want to return to optical devices planned replacement. Besides, it is an excellent prevention of development of infectious diseases and other ophthalmic complications.

Daily disposables: user reviews

According to many patients, daily disposables significantly reduce the risk of infection, ulceration of the cornea and the emergence of other problems. This is explained by the relatively short life of their operation. Products are worn for one day and then thrown away. The next day has been used for a new pair.

Одноразовые линзы для глаз контактные - инструкция, отзывы, ценаTheir safety is due to the fact that products of this type do not need to save, and therefore, its surface will not accumulate bacteria. Even with careful rinsing in the solution and the bacteria disinfection through time accumulate on the surface of the replacement lenses, but in this case it’s impossible.

Another advantage that was reported by users, is the lack of ephemeral contact with chemical compounds, present in the solution care contact optical devices. You can also not use a container. Many complications of this correction was caused by the microorganisms that were present in the container.

If wearing lenses character people have experienced constant discomfort and foreign body sensation in the eye, after the transition to disposable counterparts, these sensations disappear. This is due to the moisturizing ingredients and high comfort products. Visual acuity becomes better. In addition, they can protect the eyes from harmful UV rays.

Important! Daily disposable lenses do not cause trouble with the care and custody of, and does not contribute to the emergence of infectious diseases of the eye.

The following video clearly demonstrates the benefits of disposable contact lenses:

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Daily disposables: usage instructions

A guide that has this product, fully describes how to use it, how to extract, put on and take off product so that it was perfectly safe.

Одноразовые линзы для глаз контактные - инструкция, отзывы, ценаThere are some recommendations for hygiene when using ephemeral:

  • thoroughly wash hands with soap, rinse them and wipe dry with a towel, which wouldn’t leave its fibers on the surface of the hands;
  • install the product before apply makeup and avoid using cream and lotion in contact with them;
  • you may not use the product longer than indicated in the instructions.

Opening the packaging, you will discover the blister with lenses; print them, you must use the tab on the outside. Return the tongue to its place and keep the packaging until next use. Each pair is sterile, and if you find damage on the blister, don’t use it.

Daily contact lenses are in the solution, make sure that they swim freely in it. Separate the blisters from the tape carefully so as not to damage the rest. Peel off the foil and take the product with your fingertips, trying not to damage his nails. Removing the product from the bottom up, not use tweezers, do it by hand. And then paste it in the eyes. Right off and wear contact lenses are disposable so you need the same as usual.

Daily disposable lenses: price

With regard to such products as disposable lenses, price may vary depending on manufacturer and size of the package. So the sale comes packs of 10, 30, 90, and 180 pieces. The cost of the 10 day is about 600 rubles, and the cost is 90 units ranges from 4 000 rubles. But, depending on the manufacturer, you can buy cheaper or more expensive counterparts. For example, lenses Acuvue 1 Day TruEye or 1 Day Acuvue Moist from Johnson&Johnson is the optimal combination of quality/price.

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Disposable lenses eye will give you not only confidence, but a daily feeling of freshness. Despite its high cost, in many cases, make rational use of them. For example, if you need a correction just a few days in a month, it is absolutely illogical to buy analogs for refillable. In General, all users well respond about this product and recommend to use it for vision correction.