Doppelgerts Asset

Доппельгерц АктивDoppelgerts Asset is not a drug, which was in the pharmaceutical list. This biologically active complex, which has a positive effect on the eye. In its composition there are substances which improves the course of metabolic processes in the eye. Is like vitamins and essential minerals, and lutein.

In this regard, the list of situations showing the application of Doppelgerts Asset is very wide. These include:

  • reduced visual acuity;
  • increased visual load;
  • age the aging process in the first place, it concerns the crystalline lens;
  • the process of degeneration of the retina, etc.

Comprehensive therapeutic effect of the Asset Doppelgerts possible due to the following mechanisms:

  • protection from the damaging effects of lipid peroxidation;
  • improves the course of metabolic processes in the lens that prevents the development of cataracts;
  • protection from the damaging sun rays;
  • enhanced resynthesis (re-education) of the visual pigments;
  • increase local immunity of the eye, which prevents them from infection.

The composition and form of issue

Composition Doppelgerts Asset is represented by those components which are necessary for the normal functioning of the visual analyzer. It’s like a variety of vitamins and trace elements, namely:

  • vitamin a;
  • vitamin C;
  • vitamin E;
  • zinc;
  • lutein.

There are also additional components that extend the shelf life Doppelgerts Asset.

The drug is available in capsules in one pack contains 30 capsules. This is the minimum dose of reception Doppelgerts Asset.

Method of application

Доппельгерц АктивThe use of this vitamin complex is carried out once during the day one capsule. The minimum duration of treatment is 1 month and a maximum of 2. This is determined by the indications for admission Doppelgerts of the Asset and nature of the pathological process. Capsules should preferably be taken during meals, allowing them to be better absorbed.

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You should not use Doppelgerts Asset without consulting an ophthalmologist. This is because some patients may have contraindications, which include increased susceptibility to various components of the tool. It can develop individually, so the doctor is sure of all these details and find out from the patient.

Side effects

Доппельгерц АктивIn the process of taking the capsules may develop allergic reactions. They are an indication for an unscheduled visit to the ophthalmologist and requires discontinuation of this drug. Otherwise, allergies can generalizability that will lead to the development of more serious complications.

Special instructions

Welcome Doppelgerts Asset requires compliance with specific instructions, namely:

  • start taking the capsules is not possible without consultations of ophthalmologist;
  • patients with diabetes should be aware that each capsule contains one hundredth of the meat unit;
  • cases of overdose if you accidentally taking more than one pill was not described;
  • simultaneous administration of other vitamin preparation is undesirable because of the risk of developing hypervitaminosis;
  • the storage place should be dark, the temperature should be above 25 degree Celsius;
  • store the drug can not more than 3 years.
  • Analogues

    The analogues have a similar Doppelherz action, but they can have a slightly different composition. This explains the possibility of replacing one drug by another.

    Доппельгерц АктивThe main vitamin complexes, which also stimulate for metabolic reactions in the eye are as follows:

    • Lutein Complex;
    • The anthocyan Forte;
    • Kuwait lutein;
    • Nutri total;
    • Bilberry Forte;
    • Multicam Syrup;
    • Vision Plus;
    • Vitrum Vision;
    • Complivit Ophtalmo.


    The price is for one package of product Doppelgerts asset, which contains 30 capsules is in the range of 150-250 rubles. The difference is due to the difference of the prices in the pharmacy networks that implement the tool.