Drops for pupil dilation: range, action, application

It is very common for high-quality diagnostics of eye diseases the doctor must be forced to enlarge the pupil for detailed examination of the fundus of the patient. The situation in ophthalmic practice quite common, which is why drops for pupil dilation quite popular and allow early detection of a number of pathological processes.

These medicines belong to the pharmacological group of midriatikov, whose main task is to relax the individual eye muscles to further define a real vision. This is a sure way to diagnose myopia and hyperopia, degeneration and retinal detachment. But what kind of medication is it?Капли для расширения зрачков: ассортимент, действие, применение

Effective drops for pupil dilation

Капли для расширения зрачков: ассортимент, действие, применениеBefore talking about specific medicines, it is important to focus on the fact that eye drops for pupil dilation is contraindicated for use in most forms of glaucoma, because it can only worsen the pathological process. If this diagnosis is missing, the doctor recommends one of the following drugs with high efficiency.

Erimin is a combined medication, which is able to forcibly expand the pupil for a short period of time, often used to normalize the intraocular pressure (if sharp jump). Works almost instantly, while not toxic, but contraindications are present. Among them elderly and children’s age (till 12 years) of the patient, as well as extensive pathology and diseases of the cardiovascular system, brain and blood vessels. That’s why the doctor first examines the history and characteristics of the affected organism, and then proceeds to the diagnosis indicated.

Капли для расширения зрачков: ассортимент, действие, применениеAtropine is a Soviet drug, which also contributes to the creation of the medical mydriasis. Dilated pupils after drops persists long enough, in some cases up to 10 days, which is the main contraindication. In fact this drug is «obsolete», and a large number of side effects have reduced its use to a minimum.

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Important! If the selected mydriatic Atropine, treatment should occur under strict medical supervision, and be appointed strictly on the evidence and taking into account the possible consequences.

Mydriacyl is a very fast-acting drops for pupil dilation, providing a stable therapeutic effect after 15 – 20 minutes after a single application. Acuity of vision is restored quite quickly after diagnosis, which significantly narrows the list of contraindications to the use of this medication. Full analogues of this drug are Tropicamide and Medrum, the effect of which is also a fast and focused.

Features of the application drops

If you choose the most effective drops for pupil dilation, the name «Applied» immediately comes to mind ophthalmologists. The main therapeutic effect is achieved after 5 minutes after the procedure and stored up to 2 hours, allowing you to perform high-quality diagnostics of the fundus and to put the correct diagnosis.

Important! Before using any medication, it is important to familiarize yourself with existing contra-indications, of which there are many.

Among the restrictions there are such diagnoses as: glaucoma, diabetes mellitus of any type, tachycardia, angina complicated by hypertension, arrhythmias, thyrotoxicosis, as well as lactation, pregnancy, children’s age.Капли для расширения зрачков: ассортимент, действие, применение

Tropicamide is another modern medicine which provides high-quality diagnostics of the fundus with the subsequent determination of the underlying disease. After reviewing the manual, it becomes obvious that if you dripped a drop for pupil dilation, the patient temporarily loses its efficiency and is not immune from side effects, a list of which is quite large and impressive.

So any drops should only be assigned to a specialist based on the need and characteristics of the organism, otherwise you can only exacerbate their condition and cause highly undesirable deterioration of visual acuity.