Drops from barley-century (floksal, tobrex, chloramphenicol, tsiprolet): how to choose an effective treatment

Barley is an unpleasant disorder in which the upper or lower eyelid appears painful ulcer the size of a pea. Despite the fact that its opening occurs within 3 to 4 days, the mere presence of such a tubercle is depressing, frustrating, spoils the mood. To speed the treatment, you must know what the most effective eye drops from barley, and how to use them properly.Капли от ячменя на веке (флоксал, тобрекс, левомицетин, ципролет): как выбрать эффективное лечение

Effective treatment of stye

It is very important to choose wisely the vast barley treatment. Drops shall be appointed by the ophthalmologist after visual inspection of the bump and a careful study of the patient’s complaints. There are several effective drugs that have a targeted effect on the pathological focus and not worried about side effects.

Sulfacetamide allows you to get rid of the problem for 2 – 3 days. This local antibiotic action that destroys bacteria, inhibits inflammation, promotes speedy recovery. These drops from the barley to the century, you can buy without a prescription, but it is very important to consult with your doctor about further use.Капли от ячменя на веке (флоксал, тобрекс, левомицетин, ципролет): как выбрать эффективное лечение

Floksal – another reliable drop against the barley, but they can be taken over 14 days. Eye drops antibiotic this allowed one drop 2 – 4 times per day. Reviews drops Floksal only positive, so we can safely use them.

Tobrex is a powerful antibiotic of new generation, which contains the chemical composition of tobramycin. This active component effectively fights with microbes, therefore, also involved in the treatment of purulent conjunctivitis, keratitis, blepharitis, iridocyclitis. To significantly accelerate the desired effect, these eye drops for the treatment of barley can be used in conjunction with traditional recipes.

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Капли от ячменя на веке (флоксал, тобрекс, левомицетин, ципролет): как выбрать эффективное лечение

There is another antibiotic how to treat barley. Called drops Tsiprolet, but they can be used only with the permission of the doctor. This is because this medication has some side effects, and successful treatment of barley may significantly worsen the General condition of the patient.

Chloramphenicol is a more gentle drop from a stye, which even desirable always to have in the home medicine Cabinet. Dig a cure is possible before the barley will ripen, then the disease will flow in a lightweight form. Enough two drops in each eye 3 times a day to three days even peel with century anymore.Капли от ячменя на веке (флоксал, тобрекс, левомицетин, ципролет): как выбрать эффективное лечение

People’s treatment of barley

When the eye appears barley which drops to buy is the main issue of concern to the patient. It is advisable not to rush into buying, because not less than an effective remedy is quite possible to prepare at home. Ready drops against the stye is not worse than pharmacy, especially the side effects at the people’s treatment minimized:

  • Squeeze the juice from fresh aloe and dilute it with water (a few drops to a teaspoon of concentrate). Drip patient eye 3 times a day, continue the procedure until the complete opening of the abscess.
  • Wet a clean finger with saliva and carefully lubricated her barley clockwise. It is believed that this folk remedy is much more effective than modern antibiotics.Капли от ячменя на веке (флоксал, тобрекс, левомицетин, ципролет): как выбрать эффективное лечение
  • But the use of garlic concentrate is not recommended, but you can cut the garlic clove in half and attach one piece to the affected area of the century, avoiding contact with mucous membrane.

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    If the stye drops what to buy, how to use them, how long, tell the doctor. It is possible to use ointments against barley, but the ease of use drops, they lose. Therefore, when the first signs of an ulcer it is important to urgently make an appointment to see a specialist. You can also enter a search string of the web request as follows: «the Stye, treatment, drops», and the system will give a huge amount of useful information on the interesting subject, but the use of such information is better as first-aid for the adequate treatment is necessary to go to the doctor.

    About what is barley how to prevent and how to apply the drops when the treatment is explained in the following video: