Drops from cataract for treatment, prevention, after surgery to remove the (list, price)

As we know, cataract is a common eye disease, which is characterized by a chronic course. The disease is treated with surgical and conservative methods, but for the latter case, require continuous drug therapy. It is therefore important to choose the right cataract eye drops which will reduce the number of attacks will eliminate the effect of pathogenic factors on the retina of the eye, fill the affected lens with valuable vitamins and trace elements.

Drug Taufon

Taufon is effective drops for cataract, the eye after the application of which seemed to revive, and visual acuity increased by several times. This medication in its chemical composition contains a synthetic substance taurine, which provides increased metabolism in the tissues of the optical system.

Капли от катаракты - для лечения, профилактики, после операции по удалению (список, цена)Because the drug normalizes the intraocular pressure, it is often used with cataract of different etiologies, however, the positive dynamics of the disease observed in only a few weeks of regular use. On average, the estimated course of treatment – up to 3 months and depends on the individual characteristics of the disease for each clinical picture.

Produced product in the form of a solution in which the amount of 2 ispuskaniya in each lower conjunctival SAC. The number of procedures per day – no more than 4, however, it is important to monitor the body’s response. These drops against cataracts cannot be used for children and patients with sensitive skin, otherwise not excluded aggravation of local and allergic reactions.

The medication Quinax

Капли от катаракты - для лечения, профилактики, после операции по удалению (список, цена)Drops from cataract Quinax are slightly faster than the previous medication, but still require long complex treatment. The active ingredient has regenerative properties, that is, updates the tissue of the affected lens, and normalizes the metabolism of the crystalline lens, anterior chamber of the eye. In addition, it protects the lens from oxidation, in a timely manner eliminates free radicals.

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The drug is effective in all forms of cataract, and among the contraindications doctors prescribe only the increased sensitivity of the organism. Accordingly, among the side effects stated only allergic and local reactions, represented by a feeling of itching, burning, increased irritation. Such anomalies require correction treatment regimens, and, if necessary, it is important to reduce not only daily doses, but also to replace medication.

When the diagnosis of Cataract treatment is required immediately and the course of its rather long. Drops intended for local use, so up to 3 – 4 times a day you want to enter 2 emission for each conjunctive bag. One attending the course can last up to 3 months, however, it is important to recall that re-treatment is much weaker than the previous, so you need to find another healing means of the same pharmacological group.

Medication Cysteine

There are other drops for cataract, the list continues Cysteine, which is particularly effective at the early form characteristic of the disease. This medication is directly involved in the electrophoresis, the main thing is to be clear about the desired solution concentration. The procedure itself takes up to 8 minutes, but the therapeutic effect after the first year of sustainable and long-lasting.

These effective drops for cataract absolutely harmless and practically has no contraindications. Restrictions apply to Cup-shaped form of cataracts and glaucoma, but also we should not forget about individual intolerance of separate components. Such best drops from cataracts are prescribed in the amount of 40 treatments, and one-time dosages are determined individually by a doctor.

Important! Assign drops for cataract should only doctor. Even if the patient knows what he needs to retake the course, you should not use the same drug under the old scheme — you may need a dose adjustment or even a change of medication.

Medication Tobradex

Капли от катаракты - для лечения, профилактики, после операции по удалению (список, цена)Because the diagnosis is treated operable, it is very important to take responsibility for the rehabilitation period. The best drops after cataract surgery – Tobradex, which have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Because the statement is succinct list of contraindications and side effects, use this drug only after medical prescription. You want to dig 2 emission in each conjunctive bag and stay in a horizontal position for a few minutes. This is the correct answer to the question, what drops after cataract preferably used in the recovery period vision.

Japanese products

Not so long ago there was a Japanese drops from cataracts, which are highly effective in combination therapy and when recovering from surgery. Assign them in any form of the disease, but the same guidelines — no self, but only strict compliance with the instructions of the doctor. The most common drug of production of Japan is Katalin.

If the doctor prescribed these drops from a cataract, the patient can deal with the fact that the price of «bite». However, the result is worth it, because if promptly treated, vision loss can be avoided and, accordingly, the operation will not be needed. And pay it will be much more expensive than to buy several bottles of eye drops.