Drops from eye pressure: types, differences, purpose and application

In glaucoma the intraocular pressure is pathologically excessive and requires immediate correction proven conservative methods. To achieve positive dynamics, the doctor prescribes drops from eye pressure, which normalize this indicator and improve the clarity of patient vision.

To date, well proven, both domestic and imported drops to lower eye pressure that prevail in the free market, but must be administered by a qualified specialist is strictly indicated. What is this medication, what is their effect directly on the pathological focus?

Classification eye drops

Капли от глазного давления: виды, различия, назначение и применениеBefore talking about specific medicines, it is important to focus on what eye drops on the intraocular pressure have the following classification:

The effect on the nidus combined, reducing the production of intraocular fluid, enabling the outflow.

On the active substance beta – blockers, prostaglandins, cholinomimetics.

Determines the pharmacological group, however, as the main medication, a specialist based on the diagnosis, the sensitivity of the patient. In any case, if there is increased pressure in the eye, the drops prescribed by the ophthalmologist will help to avoid operations on the eye and stop the course of the pathological process in glaucoma.

Combination medications for glaucoma

Капли от глазного давления: виды, различия, назначение и применениеModern pharmacological grown developed progressive drops from eye pressure. The reviews about these medicines the most positive, since the therapeutic effect is achieved due to the joint influence on the pathological focus of two high quality components instead of one.

Outstanding representatives of this pharmacological group are the imported drugs by Xalacom (Pfizer) xalatan and timolol in the chemical composition, drops fotil with pilocarpine and timolol, Cosopt (Merck) with trusopt and timolol. There are such medical drugs is much higher, but act quickly, without requiring repeated instillation patients eye.

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Drops that reduce the production of intraocular fluid

Timolol. This drug belongs to the pharmacological group of nonselective beta-adrenoblokatorov, and its therapeutic action directly on the nidus is due to the activity of timolol, the same name as the active component. It is a synthetic substance reduces the volume of watery moisture, excessive amounts which provoked elevated intraocular pressure. It is important to understand that these eye drops that reduce intraocular pressure, can be used only when the increased rate, otherwise will be reduced to normal pressure, which will negatively affect the General condition of the patient.Капли от глазного давления: виды, различия, назначение и применение

Betoptic. This is the full analogue of its predecessor, which is also capable when properly selected dose to resolve the indices of intraocular pressure in the shortest possible time. The difference is that this medication does not reduce the volume of the liquid, and prevents it enhanced the separation. Therapeutic effect is achieved due to the activity component, betaxolol, which allows you to control the flow of water moisture.

Drops, stimulating the outflow of fluid

A variety of pharmacological groups of drugs allows to select the drops to reduce eye pressure so that they have eliminated the cause itself and not its anomalous effect.

Xalatan. It is a synthetic drug content in the chemical composition of the active component latanoprosta that demonstrates the positive dynamics of the disease in ophthalmotonus and open-angle form of glaucoma. The drug has a gentle effect, so the list of contraindications and side effects warning is minimized.

Travatan. These eye drops pressure eyes have a powerful therapeutic effect in ocular hypertension, and slow the progress of glaucoma, increase outflow of fluid between the cornea and the lens, prevent another escalation. This effect is provided by travoprost, which is considered a complete analog prostaglandin F2-alpha.Капли от глазного давления: виды, различия, назначение и применение

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It is important to clarify that the active ingredients of any selected medication at a low dose to penetrate into the systemic circulation of the patient, so that treatment, especially at the early stage, may be accompanied by worsening side effects, which usually disappear on their own without additional correction of therapy. Anyway, drops to reduce eye pressure are selected purely individual.

Beta-blockers in glaucoma

A distinctive feature of this pharmacological group is a high performance, that is, the positive effect is felt already in half an hour after the first procedure. In order to enhance the therapeutic effect, the treatment prescribed, ophthalmologist supplements prostaglandins, which are also recommended for use 2 times a day. But what are the most effective in this case drops that lower eye pressure?

Капли от глазного давления: виды, различия, назначение и применениеThe list is long, but it is necessary to highlight the brightest representatives of this pharmacological group. Among them:

  • Arutimol.
  • The cumene.
  • Acumed.
  • Ocupress.

Overall, the drop from the eye pressure, which prevails in the range of 200 – 600 rubles, act on the nidus gently and painlessly; but among the side effects you need to highlight anomalies such as bronchial spasm or minor irregularities in the cardiovascular system. In order not to aggravate the prevailing clinical picture, it is advisable not to engage in superficial self, and the scheme of intensive therapy to choose together with your doctor.

Prostaglandins in glaucoma

Prostaglandins – this drops to relieve eye pressure that begins after a couple of hours after instillation and retain their therapeutic effect for 12 hours. To date, this is the best method of treating glaucoma, which provides a duration of action and eliminates the need to perform the operation. Outstanding representatives of this pharmacological group are the new drugs like Travatan, Xalatan and Tafluprost that eliminate excess fluid in the eye through the additional path of the outflow.

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Of course, doctors do not rule out side-effects, but it is rather a cosmetic defect in the form of redness of the eye than a serious threat to vision. So there is a safe way to remove eye pressure: drops act quickly and purposefully.Капли от глазного давления: виды, различия, назначение и применение

But drops eye pressure visine have a mediocre effect and can only be part of a comprehensive treatment of one of the forms of glaucoma.

So if you encounter this problem, simply type in the search bar of the world wide web combined with the words «eye pressure treatment drops», will be immediately received a lot of tips. And, nevertheless, choose treatment is required only in concert with an ophthalmologist.