Drops from red-eye — what cheap drugs can be used if you are allergic or virus

Redness eye is not an independent disease, is a pathological condition which indicates a breach in the visual organs. The cause of this condition can be trauma, infectious disease and overwork. To cure your eyes and avoid serious consequences, ophthalmologists prescribe drops against red eyes.Капли от красных глаз - какие недорогие препараты можно применять при аллергии или вирусе

What you need to know about drips?

Often ophthalmologists prescribe drops, red eye can be caused by different reasons, so it is important to choose the right drug. Drops from red-eye the way to narrow the blood vessels, and this gives you the opportunity to get rid of the redness and swelling. But they only serve to relieve the symptoms and combat the main reason this drug is not as effective.Капли от красных глаз - какие недорогие препараты можно применять при аллергии или вирусе

Not always eye drops red eyes can cope with the problem in your case. So, for example, if the cause of the disorder lies in the excessive dryness of the mucous membrane, then a product such as visine desired effect will not give. In this case, more suitable for Cyclosporine.

Despite the fact that many of the drops are sold in pharmacies without a prescription, the use of drugs to the eye should be done according to the instructions and advice of the attending physician. If you have red eyes treatment drops should be supplemented by other methods, for example, by wearing sunglasses.

Important! It must be remembered that self-medication is not the best option, as the abuse of drops — it can cause serious consequences.

What drugs can be designated?

There are several types of drugs red eyes. Some relief and they are used as first aid if discomfort, others act on the very causes of the symptom.

Drugs such as alpha-agonists eliminate the symptoms of disorders, they are able to narrow the blood vessels of the optic body and to reduce swelling. For treatment using such drugs as Oxymetazoline, naphazoline and tetryzoline. Them apply one drop 3 times a day. Such eye drops red colour not used for the treatment of diseases in children up to 2 years.Капли от красных глаз - какие недорогие препараты можно применять при аллергии или вирусе

Antihistamine drops from red eye receive positive reviews on their effectiveness in the treatment of allergies. They remove the unpleasant symptoms of the disease. But to pick up the necessary drops can only ophthalmologist.

In that case, if there are red eyes, which drops to choose will only recommend a specialist. Perhaps in your case suitable tool combination. They are effective in blepharitis or allergic conjunctivitis. To combined facilities include: Allergical, Spersallerg and others. Капли от красных глаз - какие недорогие препараты можно применять при аллергии или вирусе

If the cause of redness is different from that prescribed antiviral or antibacterial agents. For example, antiviral drops from red-eye cheap is Cebrian, Ophthalmoferon and Often.

Thus, it is necessary to say that the redness of the eyes may have very distinct reasons. This phenomenon is not a disease, but can be a symptom of the disease. For effective treatment is prescribed drops, and their choice depends on the reasons for the redness.

Read more about causes of red eyes and the solution of this problem you can learn from this video:

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