Drops to relieve eye fatigue — the types, names, application, reviews

Long stay in front of a monitor, as well as the everyday work associated with increased visual activity, negatively affects the condition of the eye reduces visual acuity and increases the number of patients ophthalmologist. Such labour intensive activity requires the basic rules of prevention to protect the health of the optical system, in the future not to have problems with vision.Капли для снятия усталости глаз - виды, названия, применение, отзывы

Eye drops from exhaustion prevail today in the free market, and their range is so diverse that each buyer can make a choice based on the constraints of their financial budget. Generally all the medications are safe for vision and health components, therefore the list of contraindications and side effects negotiated exclusively 2 – 3 points.

Large selection of medicines — how not to lose?

Eye drops tired eyes reduce elevated eye strain, and the therapeutic effect is achieved in a few minutes after one procedure. Their pharmacological affiliation due to the testimony, for example, a known vasoconstrictor, anti-inflammatory, antihistamines. Also on sale are anti-bacterial drops against eye fatigue, but assign them during the infectious process (even in a latent form).Капли для снятия усталости глаз - виды, названия, применение, отзывы

And yet, the main pharmacological group is vasoconstrictor drugs for local action in ophthalmology, which are available in drip form. Increased visual and emotional strain leads to pathological vasodilation, resulting in redness, swelling and fatigue of the eyeball. You must return the same form advanced blood vessels of the ocular fundus, for these purposes, use of vasoconstrictive drops to relieve eye fatigue.

Among the brightest representatives of this pharmacological group, be sure to leave medications visine, Vasomax, Sisomicin, visine Pure Tears. They provide the body with a soft focused effect directly on the pathological focus. Side effects do not exist, however, as the list of contraindications, limited individual intolerance of separate components in the chemical composition. Their price, of course, different, but even the cheapest can have the desired effect.

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Read more about how and why to use a drop of visine, you will learn from the following video:

If we talk about anti-inflammatory means they are also relevant to similar clinical pictures. The reason is that any inflammation in the optical system is accompanied by impaired visual acuity and decline in performance. That’s just the effect of these drugs is aimed at elimination of the inflammatory process with all the supplementary symptoms. Famous medical drugs are corticosteroids and PSPA presented, Farmatexa, Dexamethasone, Diclofenac and Desonide.

Important! Part medications corticosteroids has a hormonal basis, so before use, it is recommended to consult with an ophthalmologist.

Antihistamine drops from eye fatigue inexpensive, but help only in those clinical pictures, where the decline in visual activity provoked by the pathogenic allergen exposure. Fatigue, lacrimation and photophobia is a result of allergic reaction, which significantly interferes with their quality of life. To stabilize the General condition, it is recommended to pay attention to the following medicines: Allergical, Levokabastin on the recommendation of ophthalmologist.

Typically, these eye drops relieves fatigue, are additional treatment in the complex therapy. But what appears as if the regular daily eye fatigue from the computer? Drops what pharmacological group is best to take in this situation?Капли для снятия усталости глаз - виды, названия, применение, отзывы

Effective conservative treatment and prevention

As mentioned above, the best drops from eye fatigue – it is visine and its analogues, as it acts effectively and safely. But this list does not end. There are other medications that also perfectly cope with their mandated functions. I want to highlight the following drops from fatigue of the eye (the reviews on them are very positive):

  • Innoxa;
  • Tear natural;
  • Systane ultra;
  • Oftolik;
  • Optiva;
  • Likontin;
  • Axial;
  • Vial;
  • Lakeside;
  • Hilo-a chest of drawers.
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A distinctive feature of these medicines is a form of production, the local impact on the pathological focus, the absence of contraindications, low side effects, free sale. They are sold in every pharmacy, and are dispensed without an additional prescription, but that does not mean that encouraged the superficial self.

Important! The use of any drug in the therapeutic and prophylactic purposes should be individually agreed with the ophthalmologist.

One drop for eye fatigue to each conjunctive bag, and within 15 minutes it improves the quality of vision, increases visual activity, but from past complaints and not a trace remains. This simple procedure can be repeated up to 3 to 5 times per day, observing daily dose, but also do not forget about basic gymnastics, which also weakens the negative effect on weakened optical system.