Drugs to improve eyesight: types, their action and use

Today is a very common problem with vision among the population of the planet. This is due to the availability of phones, computers, tablets, genetic factor and adverse environmental conditions. Also an unhealthy lifestyle with bad habits that can significantly impair visual function.

To avoid the problem or to prevent worsening of the disease drugs used to improve vision. In our time, the pharmaceutical company offers a variety of products based on natural and synthetic components.

Varieties of drugs to view

To improve vision drugs can be divided into three groups:

  • Relaxing medications that affect eye muscles, for example, Atropine, it can be used only on prescription.
  • Funds for the normal functioning of the retina. They include antioxidants based on plants and vitamins for the eyes.
  • Drops night away in the visual organs.
  • Also the medication may be for external use or for oral administration. To find a tool for each case can only physician. Specialist evaluate the health of eyes and decides which drug in this case will be effective.

    Important! Blurred vision is not a diagnosis but a consequence of a disease. Therefore, to prescribe medication to yourself, you should not.

    The impact of active substances

    Лекарственные препараты для улучшения зрения: виды, их действие и пользаDrugs to improve eyesight reviews, which testify to their efficiency, have an important for vision components and, in fact, the content of one or the other, are divided into groups.

    Products that contain beta-keratin: thanks to the active substances may be formed pigments in the retina which function as eyes in the twilight.

    Drugs, which contain lutein. If it is insufficient the body suffers. By the way, to restock with the help of such foods as eggs, pepper and spinach.

    Vitamin B5 — it provides the Central nervous system, involved in protein and amino acid metabolism.

    Anthocyanosides. These substances are available in supplements, they contribute to the normal functioning of the retina, strengthen the walls of blood vessels and regenerate the visual pigment rhodopsin. Rhodopsin is responsible for vision acuity and has antioxidant effects. With this goal in acquiring medicines on the basis of blueberry, because it has the greatest number of these elements.

    Лекарственные препараты для улучшения зрения: виды, их действие и пользаDietary supplements. These supplements are composed of polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3. These substances are very necessary for the normal functioning of the eyes. They provide normal circulation of enzymes in the retina, prevent keratitis, and also preserve and nourish the tissues of the organ of vision. In addition, this active ingredient contributes to the normal activities of the CNS, providing the transmission of impulses to the brain. To compensate for the deficiency of fatty acids can be from food or taking drugs.

    Funds, which contains the herb Euphrasia officinalis, is very useful, because it is a source of substances that protect the optic nerve from free radical damage. There are folk remedies made from this plant. Components contained in this plant is very useful for the eyes, they prevent inflammation, destruction of the retina and the lens, reduce the pressure inside the eye and improve the work of the authority as a whole.

    Of course, the active substances necessary for the operation of the visual organs, absorbed by the body better if get them from food, but not every person possible. Therefore, if there is a risk of the disease or the existing disease specialists in ophthalmology recommend the use of drugs containing vitamins and micronutrients for improved vision.

    Important! Any drugs to improve vision, and no matter the prevention or treatment already assigns only ophthalmologist.

    With regard to the classification of external and internal funds, then external can be considered drops, and ointments. Internal medicines are vitamins and minerals that need to be taken inside. They have a beneficial effect and are effective in a particular case.

    Prevention of diseases of visual organs, using vitamin complexes and nutritional supplements are very effective. The eye receives all necessary substances for normal functioning. You should also eat right, to get more vitamins. Such measures can prevent the deterioration of visual function, but in the case when the disease is already advanced, vitamins are an integral part of therapy.

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