Exercises for vision: to expand the field of view, improvement, prevention, training, development (video)

Approximately 1/3 of the world’s population has problems with vision, such violations as astigmatism, farsightedness, nearsightedness, strabismus and others. Visual organ of a person is not able to focus and perceive a clear image. Instead, the picture is distorted, that creates a lot of problems to man.

It is possible to avoid impaired visual function and fix it. And we are not talking about complex transactions or contact lenses, and special medical gymnastics. To improve eyesight through exercise is realistic, the need for regular implementation of the complexes, to achieve the desired result. Be prepared for the fact that the recovery process will take some time, but violations also have not progressed one day.

Exercise for vision correction

Exercises for vision aims to strengthen the muscles of the visual organs. Experts recommend doing exercises in the morning or before bedtime in the evening. Each of the following movements is repeated 5 to 30 times, gradually increasing the load. Do the exercises smoothly, without any jerks, without using lenses or glasses.

Упражнения для зрения: для расширения поля зрения, улучшения, профилактики, тренировки, развития (видео)Exercises for expansion of the field of view, perform the following:

  • pupils try to draw round with a maximum amplitude in a counterclockwise direction and in a reverse direction;
  • as much as possible to look up and then down;
  • look around hard, turning in one direction and then the other;
  • to draw a convex arc, then try to draw a concave arc and circle eyes rhombus;
  • eyes try to draw a square, and then bows;
  • to draw pupils the English letter S — first visualize it in a vertical position and then it takes a horizontal position;
  • mentally imagine a square, and translate the view on both diagonals;
  • to draw the arc, imagining them first clockwise and then back to the vertical position;
  • try as close as possible to keep the pupils looking at the finger;
  • blinking as often as possible.

Important! Such exercises can also be done directly in the workplace or in transport on the way home.

Exercises for eyesight for kids and adults with the goal of correction is represented by several types:

  • the transfer of the view;
  • massage;
  • drawing.

For the first exercise does a postage stamp or a different picture and is attached to the glass. Outside the window is selected remote small object, for example, antenna of television. You need to look at the objects alternately, turning. With increasing loads, you can add other objects that are at different distances from you.

Eye massage is performed the following way: open widely eyes, mimicking fear. Zazhmurivaet eyelids for 5 seconds very strong, while being in a straight position. And so repeated 5 to 10 times. It is also recommended to use a whirlpool for the eyes. For this opolaskivaniem them in the morning in warm and cold water, and in the evening in reverse order.

Drawing is the mental representation of a pleasant picture. To do this, close your eyes and cover them with warm palms.

A few more exercises for vision are presented in this video:

Exercises for prevention of visual impairment

To avoid the development of illnesses with fatigue of eye bodies need to learn how to relax them. Stress relief is exercise for the prevention of view. You need to perform them after work at the computer, prolonged reading or after watching television.

Упражнения для зрения: для расширения поля зрения, улучшения, профилактики, тренировки, развития (видео)A set of exercises for vision, aimed at relaxation of the muscles:

  • breathing to the beat, draw a figure eight without dropping eyelids, it is done very slowly and repeated several times;
  • look for the finger of the right hand, which is stretched, placing it in the right side;
  • observe the finger of the left arm, removing it slowly to the side;
  • to relax the muscles, see a few seconds to a remote object, then move the view of the finger arm and again on the remote object, so repeat up to 10 times;
  • look at the finger, elongated to 30 cm arms, alternately both eyes. First 5 seconds looking at the tip of your finger, then close the left eye and continue to watch the 5 seconds. Then after 5 seconds in this position close the right eye, repeating again.

Remember, regular exercise for training view is a very good prevention of its disorders. This applies particularly to those people who often sit at the computer and read a lot or have a genetic predisposition to eye diseases. Do not stop exercises and you’ll soon notice results.

Exercises for good vision

To improve vision, eye exercises must be aimed at improving the microcirculation of tissues. This factor plays an important role in the quality of human vision. Elements of massage include exercises for the development of vision and prevention of diseases.

Draw a figure eight massage movements. Use index and thumb for movement from the lower inner edge of the eye across the eyebrow to the upper corner.

Between the massages, which performs up to 15 times a day, we perform the following movement:

  • the movement eyes left and right, top and bottom;
  • sharp zamurovannye and relaxation of the eyes;
  • rotation of the eyeballs clockwise and mental drawing of geometric figures;
  • the transfer of sight from distant objects to close things;
  • intense twink.

Everyone who decides to try gymnastics for the eyes, must determine for itself the desired effect is the prevention, treatment or improvement of eye function. For example, if you require prophylaxis after work at the computer, then use the relaxation technique. But if problems with the image already exist, we focus on restoration exercises. The main thing is patience and regularity.

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