Exercises to improve eyesight conventional and computer — what are the complexes more efficiently

In today’s society vision is one of the first bodies, which becomes a «victim» of scientific and technological progress. Computers, numerous gadgets, television in adolescence makes a person a patient of the ophthalmologist, and eye disease are known, often have the chronic form. How then to rescue this vital organ, protect from radiation and to maintain visual acuity?

Therapeutic and prophylactic complex

Упражнения для улучшения зрения обычные и компьтерные - какие комплексы эффективнееDoctors have developed a huge number of techniques to improve the quality of vision, therefore, patients are urged to follow them at least for preventive purposes. There is an important regularity that soon to feel stable result, so it is best such studies «do not skip».

Typically, exercises to improve vision can be done at home or at any free minute, which appeared, say, at work. Nothing complicated, but the main thing – does not require special equipment, large space and privacy.

Is best done outdoors, where at a remote distance is a stationary object, such as a sign display. We need to move away from her at such a distance that the letters become fuzzy and blurry. The main goal is to read using the blink. As a rule, after each lowering of the lifting the eyelashes of the inscription for a few moments will be clear, that’s just required to read it. Similarly, you can use ads on lampposts, also managed their contents to a considerable distance.

Every 20 minutes of computer work required to perform a one-minute break, which will consist of one exercise. At arm’s length to position the pen or pencil, to focus on her eyes, and then slowly bring it closer to the bridge of the nose, repeating the trajectory of the gaze. After that, the same river need to zoom out and to perform the same movement with your eyes. One minute will be enough to accomplish this change.

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Important! It computer work causes eye fatigue, so be sure to master these simple exercises.

Open the window and look at nearby objects. To choose to exercise one (can be voluminous), and then to focus on it look. After that it is required to disperse the eyes so that the eyes start to see double. Remain in this position is not recommended, but a few seconds, it is still desirable to keep the so-called «attention span».

Упражнения для улучшения зрения обычные и компьтерные - какие комплексы эффективнееAgain, to choose the inscription and move away from her at a far enough distance that the letters blurred. The task of the patient to blink, and then read the inscription in one direction, blink again and study its content in the opposite direction. The exercise is called «Pendulum», so can this title be taken literally, that is to follow a focused look behind the suspended object, which performs an oscillatory motion.

This is a classic exercise that is known to all under the name «Eight». The task of the patient is to focus your gaze on a stationary object and then «paint the eyes» of eight, which allegedly lies on its side (in mathematics this sign is called «infinity»). Enough one minute to make a positive impact on the organs of vision.

Important! Exercises can be performed anywhere and anytime, do not hesitate to others, because such acts they are not noticeable.

Упражнения для улучшения зрения обычные и компьтерные - какие комплексы эффективнееIn Sunny weather it is recommended to expose the eyes to the direct rays of light, but first you need to squint. This movement not only positively affects the optic system of the body, but also enriches the vital vitamin D, the «happiness hormone».

In the light of a Sunny day to select the remote object on which to focus your mind. Then sway the body, head in different directions, while retaining the stillness and focus of the eyes. To perform the movement for three minutes, after which you can relax.

As reported by a professional ophthalmologist, when regularly performed, there is a noticeable improvement of view. Eye exercises are simple and available to everyone, most importantly to make them a habit each day. According to statistics, such prevention the number of patients the ophthalmologist is reduced threefold.

General recommendations patients

Choose effective exercises to improve vision will help a qualified ophthalmologist after examination of patient and diagnosis. For myopia and hyperopia, there are private training facilities that provide a meaningful impact on the problem, contribute to its rapid elimination without additional surgical intervention.

Bad diagnosis «Myopia» younger almost every year, so it is best not to wait any further and immediately start preventive exercises to improve vision. Video the most effective training facilities can always be found on the world wide web or ask at the reception at the ophthalmologist.

The following video contains just such a set of exercises to improve vision:

To improve the quality of vision and other method, for example, use of a special computer exercises to improve vision. The most effective is the program «Correction of vision», which combined the technique on Norbekova and the effect of the so-called «stereo-cinema». So the computer may not only degrade visual acuity, but also to promote its rapid recovery. It’s simple: you want to run the program, then follow its suggested in the content of the job.

So to eliminate the diseases of the eye is quite real at home without additional medical intervention. However, it is best to promptly begin the implementation of preventive exercises, so you do not resort to immediate treatment, care ophthalmologists.