Exercises to restore vision: an effective set of exercises (reviews, videos)

If the doctor found diseases of the eye, he recommends the patient exercises to restore vision. This is a simple techniques that can help in the short term to regain their sharpness of sight, to get rid of the socks points to protect this sensitive organ for the rest life.

Schedule restore vision

Упражнения для восстановления зрения: эффективный комплекс занятий (отзывы, видео)In ophthalmology provides morning and evening exercises for the eyes visual recovery that you can perform in any conditions. So, the morning the complex includes exercises, palming and work with the test table. The evening complex is the same, only complemented by the so-called «sniper method».

For those who still doubt the effectiveness of such a proposal, it is worth Recalling that the recovery of vision with exercise also provides a reduction in visual load, strengthening the eye muscles, slowing of retinal dystrophy and age-related changes. Particularly relevant for such a training area with myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia and presbyopia, but also useful for people with harmful working conditions, prolonged working at the computer.

Important! The proposed set of exercises takes time and regularity. You should not rely on the result two weeks later, the effectiveness of the chosen method is calculated by months under strict supervision of an ophthalmologist and additional conservative therapy indicated.

Step one: exercises for the eyes

This is the most simple motion that can be performed, without detracting from their daily duties.

Here are a few particularly effective examples:

  • To focus eyes at one point, and then move it up and down, side to side, diagonally, and counter-clockwise. To perform such motion for 5 minutes, then break to the next.
  • To perform eye movement «snake» for 1 minute after which perform a break and then continue for another 3 sets.
  • Draw eyes with a stationary head, an infinity symbol for 1 one minute. Then for a few moments to relax your eyes and repeat the suggested exercise for a few minutes.
  • Select the pendulum and keep it before eyes, clearly tracking the translational motion. Such a movement can run for 1 minute, after which you can relax your eyes.
  • Blinking eyes, like a butterfly for 1 minute. After the first approach to make a pause, and then to perform a few approaches with minimal interruptions.
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    This is a very effective exercises to restore vision, the video you can look at medical sites and learn something new, valuable, useful. The proposed complex does not bind to the place, time, environment, so do not ignore its execution at least to prevent.

    Step two: palming

    Упражнения для восстановления зрения: эффективный комплекс занятий (отзывы, видео)Not all patients know what palming. This is a special set of exercises to restore vision, which provides visual relaxation. In this case, any restrictions are not provided, and training can be a huge number of times per day.

    This relaxation can be performed in any position, for example sitting or lying down. Selecting the most comfortable position, you want to put your hands on my eyes, relax and shift your mind into pleasant memories. After that, it is advisable to RUB forefinger against closed eyelids and in a clockwise direction.

    It is important to remember that such exercises have their nuances, which only increase efficiency and provide a sustained therapeutic effect:

  • Palms should be tightly closed eyes that did not penetrate the slightest light source.
  • It is not recommended to touch your palms to your closed eyes, middle of the palm should be placed conditionally on the eyeballs.
  • Elbows about to rest on pillows or some other reason that the patient has not experienced a feeling of discomfort.
  • It is important to feel the warmth of your hands and relax as much as possible.
  • Thoughts should be only positive.
  • If you remember such details, then palming is particularly effective, and the patient is also able to normalize the functioning of the CNS.

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    Step three: work with a test table

    Упражнения для восстановления зрения: эффективный комплекс занятий (отзывы, видео)Exercises to restore vision reviews are positive, but confirmation of this would be to work with a test table. In this case we are talking about table image letters for quality control and visual acuity. Such tables are always decorated with the office of the ophthalmologist, but to find them in the free market is also not particularly difficult.

    When checking optimum distance gets cut to 5 m, in which healthy human visual acuity is «1». If there are problems with the eyes could be slightly closer to the table, but so that the letters are still blurred. The task of the patient to blink to focus, trying to read each letter correctly. The essence of the procedure is that the visual strain that accompanies it is a simple exercise, can improve the sharpness of the eyes with no additional conservative treatment.

    In addition, these effective exercises to restore vision will help to control the positive dynamics of the disease, and if such is not available to react immediately, to inform the attending ophthalmologist.

    Step four: sniper technique

    If you’re wondering what exercises to restore vision helpful night, it is important to focus on progressive «sniper technique» which develops and trains the accommodation of the eye. This classic movement on reception at the neurologist, when he holds before the eyes of the hammer, brings it closer to the septum of the nose and, on the contrary, it moves away. Instead of such a medical instrument, you can use a pencil or other object.

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    To train and improve the quality of vision is possible in the home, in strict compliance with all medical recommendations in a short time it will be possible to get rid of the unpleasant diagnosis by an ophthalmologist.

    Read more about restoring vision through exercises you will learn from the following video: