Eye Allergy drops for adults and the child, purpose, principle, choice, list, price

In the conditions of aggressive environment allergic diseases have become the norm of modern society, and is experiencing their symptoms every second person. Yeah, statistics are not comforting, therefore, provides a huge number of medicines aimed at the speedy suppression of acute Allergy attack.

The types of allergic diseases

If we talk about allergies, the eyes are the first to suffer from external or internal stimuli, and the prevailing symptoms reduce the quality of life, dulls visual acuity, require additional specialist advice.

Глазные капли от аллергии взрослому и ребенку - назначение, принцип выбора, список, цена

Important! Before appointing conservative treatment, it is important to reliably determine the etiology of the pathological process, the form of the disease.

In medical practice well known for the following diagnoses, which are accompanied by distinct Allergy symptoms:

  • allergic conjunctivitis is characterized by increased tearing, redness, swelling of the eyes, provokes itching and discomfort;
  • allergic dermatitis which extends to the eyelids, but also touches on the sensitive cornea of the eye;
  • keratoconjunctivitis is a seasonal disease which is characterized by itching, swelling and watery eyes;
  • polinosis the conjunctivitis also characterized by seasonal exacerbation, like regular allergic reactions, prone to chronicity;
  • allergic swelling of the eyelids – the reaction to the stimulus, which most likely entered the body through food.

In any case, whatever kind of allergic reactions did not prevail, the eyes become «weak point» of the patient require immediate treatment.Глазные капли от аллергии взрослому и ребенку - назначение, принцип выбора, список, цена

Classification eye drops

During exacerbation of allergic reactions, the doctor recommends antihistamines, i.e. drugs that reduce the activity of pathogenic allergen in the body. In an additional treatment the doctor prescribes eye drops for allergies, which guarantee a strong local effect.

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But what kind of medicines such as them correctly to use?

First, it is worth noting that in modern ophthalmology is dominated by the following categories of eye drops:

  • vasoconstrictor;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • antihistamine.Глазные капли от аллергии взрослому и ребенку - назначение, принцип выбора, список, цена

Each category is aimed at restoring visual acuity, the elimination of the first signs of Allergy, and to enhance the therapeutic effect of the combination of these allowed groups of complex treatment.

Important! To understand the effectiveness of provided eye drops against allergies, you should carefully examine the annotation of each medicine and, if necessary, ask all your questions to the doctor.

Anti-inflammatory drops to eliminate the inflammation

Any allergic reaction accompanied with inflammation, the eyes are no exception. That is why anti-inflammatory drops are an integral part of comprehensive treatment. They eliminate the itching, prevent the development of glaucoma, relieve lens opacity, remove the «dry eye syndrome». The only appropriate use in infectious-inflammatory processes, prone to long-term period.

Non-steroidal drug, Acular it is recommended to enter in konyunktivalny bag on one drop 4 times a day until the complete cessation of troubling symptoms. Analogues of this medicine are eye drops Intecolor, Diclofenac, Dexamethasone.

Corticosteroid Loteprednol well as regular local introduction can for 3 to 5 days to fully get rid of the unpleasant symptoms of Allergy eyes. In the complex you can apply another drugs of this pharmacological group, namely, to lay in the conjunctival SAC of hydrocortisone ointment at night.Глазные капли от аллергии взрослому и ребенку - назначение, принцип выбора, список, цена

Antihistamine eye drops

Choosing eye drops for allergies, the list does not shorten time-tested antihistamines. The main objective of these medications quickly relieve symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop an attack, to prevent seasonal diseases. Are these drugs on the principle of blockers, that is, markedly reduced the susceptibility of the affected organism to harmful allergens. Systematic medication will allow you to forget completely about itching, swelling, red eyes, red vascular mesh.

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Known representatives of this pharmacological group:

Ketotifen is available in the form of eye drops and the patient may need to bury the diseased eye one drop 3 times a day. If Allergy symptoms are mild, to prevent enough of one procedure per day.

Lekrolin is assigned to all forms of conjunctivitis, and allergic including. Despite local application of the drug, it is important to comply with the prescribed dosage, because known cases of overdose, dramatically worsens the General condition of the patient.Глазные капли от аллергии взрослому и ребенку - назначение, принцип выбора, список, цена

Azelastine is the best curative and preventive agent which is often prescribed for seasonal allergies. Burying one drop in each eye, the visible improvement occurs after the first procedure. Owing to the presence of contraindications and the side effects is important to consult an ophthalmologist, the determination of the course of treatment.

Vasoconstrictor eye drops

Choosing eye drops for allergies, their price is also taken into account. Vasoconstrictor drugs are affordable, in addition, the list of constraints is minimized.

Important! It is necessary to clarify that vasoconstrictor drops have unstable effect, that is, long-term use does not exclude the habituation effect. That is why doctors recommend to alternate these drugs, in order to achieve final recovery.

Глазные капли от аллергии взрослому и ребенку - назначение, принцип выбора, список, цена

If the doctor prescribes eye drops for allergies child, then this is definitely a vasoconstrictor tools with soft and purposeful effect on the nidus. Well known Okumetil, visine, Octile that have natural ingredients and do not contain any contraindications.

In any case, to treat allergic diseases have qualified, but without determining the root cause, elimination of the allergen, a positive dynamics of treatment impossible.

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