Eye drops against conjunctivitis viral, allergic, bacterial (feedback, list, photo)

Conjunctivitis is an infectious inflammation of the eye. It can occur at any age, from birth to late maturity. At the same time to manifest the disease may also different, because its pathogens are different infection.

Why drop from conjunctivitis so different?

The only difference is that the eye is much more sensitive and more vulnerable, and therefore treat conjunctivitis need much more serious than the common cold. At any symptoms which may indicate the beginning of the inflammatory process, should consult a doctor.Глазные капли от коньюктивита вирусного, аллергического, бактериального (отзывы, список, фото)

Any doctor will definitely prescribe anti-inflammatory eye drops conjunctivitis, which can be the sole therapeutic agent, and can be combined with antibacterial agents in pills. This may surprise you, why, in each case, the doctor prescribes different courses of treatment.

It’s all in the causes, and therefore different methods of treatment. It is possible to distinguish at least four types of conjunctivitis, which need different treatment:

  • bacterial;
  • virus;
  • fungal;
  • allergic.

Of course, eye drops, viral conjunctivitis will differ from those buried in normal bacterial form or if you are allergic.

In addition there are several rare and dangerous species of this disease, such as those associated with sexually transmitted diseases, but that’s another story…

Eye drops for allergic conjunctivitis

Allergic reaction eye disorder is unpredictable and very unpleasant. It can cause allergens of natural origin (pollen, animal hair) and synthetic origin (domestic, dust, household chemicals, cosmetics and perfume and so on.) Allergic conjunctivitis is complicated by the fact that the eyes are irritated, weakened and more susceptible to infections.Глазные капли от коньюктивита вирусного, аллергического, бактериального (отзывы, список, фото)

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Triad antiallergic remedies for eyes consists of antihistamine, vasoconstrictor and anti-inflammatory drugs. Each group of preparations includes a huge list of drops, which is completely the prerogative of the attending physician.

Important! Incorrect or excessive application of drops to the eye can cause a number of dangerous diseases, ranging from impaired vision, dry eye syndrome and ending with glaucoma.

Due to the risk of side effects antihistamines conjunctivitis are often prescribed solely pills.

Antifungal drops

Fungal infections are very dangerous for eyes. They occur with pronounced unpleasant symptoms and always cause increased anxiety.

Important! Because of the large risk of fungal infections is assigned a sufficiently powerful and intensive care, including drops and internal use medications.

In the treatment of mycosis used a drop-based or chlorhexidine miramistina, antibiotics, and antiseptic ointments.

Antiviral drops

Глазные капли от коньюктивита вирусного, аллергического, бактериального (отзывы, список, фото)In the same way as other types of conjunctivitis, viral variety is quite varied, the course of disease, risks to health and the symptoms. The infection can be isolated, that is, when this conjunctivitis only affects the eyes, or a consequence of viral diseases which affect the entire body. For example, conjunctivitis may cause chickenpox, rubella or the flu, and other diseases.

The most hazardous to the eyes is considered the cold sores, fortunately meets this kind of eye infection often.

The most successful treatment for viral infections is a combination of immunomodulating and antiviral drugs such as interferon and cytokines. Thus maximum increases the work of the human immune system, against the background of the use of other antiviral drugs gives the desired result.

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Antibacterial drops

Bacterial infections also are very varied and it is best treatable. Created a huge number of drugs that can cure conjunctivitis this type quickly and reliably.

The most famous and cheapest eye drops conjunctivitis, of course, is chloramphenicol. Many are trying to cast doubt on its effectiveness. However, it is known that many expensive drugs is only analog (not always successful) of chloramphenicol. This tool features soft effect and respect to the eyes. Many tend to use it even for the treatment of infants, but indications for this in the instructions to the drug, you will not find. How baby eye drops conjunctivitis, you can apply it starting with only 1 year.Глазные капли от коньюктивита вирусного, аллергического, бактериального (отзывы, список, фото)

Effective eye drops against conjunctivitis will continue tobrex, sulfacetamide, tsiprolet, which effectively counteract the most known bacteria. This eye drops from conjunctivitis, which is very obnarujivaesh.

In each case the treatment of conjunctivitis must be under the supervision of a physician. In addition, be sure view eye drops from conjunctivitis to have a visual representation about a particular tool.