Eye drops for cataracts treatment, prevention and after the operation — name, price, reviews

The most common age-related diseases in ophthalmology is cataract, which is often exacerbated after the age of 40 equally in men and women. The pathological process is accompanied by clouding of the lens and the sharp rise of view, so it requires immediate medical involvement with subsequent surgical intervention.

If the disease is prevalent in non-running form, that demonstrates the high efficiency of conservative treatment, which involves eye drops from cataracts. Medication for each clinical picture is chosen individually, because the doctor considers the diagnosis, the stage of pathological process, the body’s response to individual synthetic components of the drug. But what are the most productive eye drops cataracts? Name what medicines you should take note of?

High efficiency Taufon

Глазные капли от катаракты для лечения, профилактики и после операции - название, цена, отзывыThese eye drops cataract help restore cell membranes, prevent macular degeneration, improve the state of damaged cornea, often prescribed for glaucoma. The main active ingredient is a natural acid called taurine, which specifically acts on the pathological focus, has almost no contraindications, the mirror phenomena.

This medication without prescription, and is prescribed not only for therapeutic but also for prophylactic purposes for the correction of vision are planted. To achieve positive dynamics of the disease in each eye is required to bury one emission medication three times a day. The approximate course of treatment is three months, but the doctor can make his adjustments.

Side effects occur very rarely, and includes local, allergic reactions, dry eye syndrome. For such cases there is a sufficient number of counterparts which are characterized by a lower efficiency at the nidus.

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Important! Eye drops after cataract is also a necessary part of treatment. It Taufon is prescribed in the rehabilitation period for accelerated regeneration of damaged tissues.

The effectiveness of the Vita-iadarola

These eye drops for treating cataract contain in their composition a natural substance glutathione, which is a natural antioxidant and removes the eye from free radicals. The drug Vita-Iodoral provides the acceleration of the metabolism of the lens, normalizes intraocular pressure and blood flow, is an excellent treatment and prevention of progressive cataracts.

The appointment carried out by a qualified specialist strictly on the evidence, but the treatment is in any case a period of more than 3 months. Contraindications and side effects are minimized, and daily doses – a pair of ispuskaniya in each conjunctive bag three times per day. This medicine is also appropriate in the period of recovery when an operation to remove the cataract is over.

Efficiency Katahama

Глазные капли от катаракты для лечения, профилактики и после операции - название, цена, отзывыThere are other eye drops from cataracts, the list continues Catachrom. The expensive, but very reliable for such a complex diagnosis. As practice shows many years, eye drops cataracts Catachrom is an excellent prevention to surgical intervention, that is, even running form of the disease can be eliminated by the conservative method.

This medication contains three important components, each of which fulfills its mission in the affected organ. So, cytochrome C removes free radicals, prevents oxidative processes in the cornea; adenosine normalizes intraocular pressure, restores the affected tissue of the crystalline lens, removes the decay products, reduces inflammation and stimulates the production of intraocular fluid; and the nicotinamide is directly involved in the recovery process. So the question is, what kind of eye drops for cataract will give the desired effect, can be considered solved.

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Contraindications and side effects are present, but the user specified a couple of points. It is also an effective eye drops for prevention of cataract that you want to type in each conjunctive bag 2 drops three times a day.

The Effectiveness Of Quinax

The name of the eye drops from cataract Quinax well known in modern ophthalmology since the active ingredients of this medication Kvinaks protect the tissues of the lens, ensure the stability of the intraocular fluid. The drug is prescribed in those clinical pictures, where the operation is impossible, but the effect is about the same. Only two ispuskaniya in each eye up to 5 times a day, and after 3 months will be tangible positive dynamics of the disease.

Important! We all know that self medication can be dangerous. This statement is especially important in eye diseases, so the first step is a visit to the doctor.

If you choose eye drops cataracts positive reviews about any medication. The final word should be with an ophthalmologist, who examines in detail each clinical case. By the way, choosing eye drops for cataract, the price also has a significant value, and this point is very important not to miss at the doctor’s appointment.