Eye drops for newborns — which can be used (Floksal, Not Oftalmodek)

The eyes of the newborn is particularly sensitive. Already in the birth process, many children become infected with infections leading to conjunctivitis. The risk of getting infection into the eyes of a newborn baby remains high in the first months of life. According to various sources, only these disorders occur in 60 % of children.

That is why every mother needs to know what eye drops can a newborn which of them is effective for the treatment of conjunctivitis, which is better suitable for prevention and which is better to stay away from?Глазные капли для новорожденных - какие можно применять (Флоксал, Тобрекс, Офтальмодек)

Drops for treatment

In fact, the easiest way to answer the last question. For babies can be used only as specifically authorized drugs and they are not so much. All funds which are not recommended for children under one year cannot be used. And there are no reservations or exceptions not happen.

Today for treatment of childhood eye eye drops are used for babies of two types:

  • drugs aminoglycoside;
  • the drugs group flexineon.

Глазные капли для новорожденных - какие можно применять (Флоксал, Тобрекс, Офтальмодек)Both types of medications possess sufficient antibacterial action and to spare children’s eyes, and effectively fight infections.

The choice of a particular drug depends on the type of infection, and prescribe its needs directly to the attending pediatrician. However, each group of antibiotics has its own characteristics, about which you can learn from this article.

Thus, aminoglycosides are more often drops tobramycin and its analogues. This drug is effective against most pathogens causing conjunctivitis in neonates and is popular among mothers and pediatricians.

Toxinology on the market with a much greater variety of drugs. The main active substance in this group of antibiotics is Ofloxacin, and the best way based on it are considered to be eye drops Floksal for newborns and children up to one year.What is remarkable about this drug?

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Глазные капли для новорожденных - какие можно применять (Флоксал, Тобрекс, Офтальмодек)Floksal has unique antibacterial properties, allows to achieve fast and stable effect in the treatment of conjunctivitis. The drug disrupts DNA synthesis in pathogenic bacteria. This therapeutic effect is considered to be the most effective. In addition, unlike other classes of drugs, Floksal maintains the antibacterial effect for 5-6 hours, preventing the multiplication of pathogens.

This property makes the drug an excellent preventative measure, as it starts to operate before the first signs of conjunctivitis and continues to fight infection for another 6 hours.

Drops for the prevention

Tobramycin and Floksal has proven effective in the prevention of conjunctivitis in the first hours of life the newborn. As these drops have no side effects and does not irritate the eyes, their use is possible from the first minutes of life. Protect the baby’s eyes, it wonderful feeling and mood at the beginning of life is largely due to drops these drops for eyes. However, the highlight is Floksal, as a means of having a lasting effect. Also do not forget about this means as Oftalmodek — it is also used for the treatment and prevention of eye diseases in the youngest children and for the prevention of ophthalmia in newborns.Глазные капли для новорожденных - какие можно применять (Флоксал, Тобрекс, Офтальмодек)

Prevention of eye infections in newborns occurs in the hospital in the first hours of life. To do this, use exclusively the above-mentioned eye drops for the newborn in each eye instilled 1-2 drops. Prevention remains the most effective protection against conjunctivitis in newborns.

Among the huge number of products for newborns, is to buy those that have earned positive reviews, both doctors and moms. Floksal undoubtedly refers to such drugs. Its therapeutic effect is appreciated by most moms and their babies. This tool is used in Pediatrics more than half a century, and no one has ever suggested anything more effective and gentle to children’s eyes.