Eye drops from inflammation Allergy, dry eye, infectious and other diseases

Inflammation of the eyes is a very dangerous phenomenon, which if untreated can lead to blindness, disability. Does such a problem a specialist ophthalmologist, but it can only eliminate in that case, if it is determined the root cause. Here is required detailed diagnosis, which is carried out using modern computer techniques.

Determining the cause of the pathological process, you can proceed with effective conservative treatment strictly according to the testimony of the ophthalmologist.

Important! The use of any drug involves a strict adherence to the instructions attached to it or strict implementation of recommendations of the doctor.

Капли для глаз от воспаления при аллергии, сухости глаз, инфекционных и прочих заболеваниях

The defeat of the cornea of the eye

If inflamed, the cornea of the eye, that is a consequence of trauma or activity of disease-causing infection. This disease is called keratitis, and require mandatory antibiotic therapy. Most often it is the topical antibiotics that are produced in the form of eye drops.

The most effective are the following synthetic ingredients:

  • norsulfazol;
  • sulfatsil sodium;
  • erythromycin;
  • penicillin;
  • tobramycin.

Important! Any cause of inflammation of the eye self-medication is unacceptable, because each drug has its contraindications and side effects!

Accordingly, eye drops for the inflammation of the cornea represented by the following medicines: Sofradeks, Tobrex, Sulfacetamide, which should be prescribed by a doctor, clearly spell out the further treatment.Капли для глаз от воспаления при аллергии, сухости глаз, инфекционных и прочих заболеваниях

The damage to the lacrimal canal

If slowed down the natural outflow of tears in the lacrimal canal disrupted the natural separation of the liquid. In this clinical picture drops against inflammation of the eyes should be full analogue of the purest tears, and such in modern ophthalmology there.

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They are synthetic antibiotics, and belong to the pharmacological group of karatoprakliev.

Outstanding representatives are:

  • Visine;
  • Sisomicin;
  • Tear natural;
  • Visine pure tears;
  • Inox.

Капли для глаз от воспаления при аллергии, сухости глаз, инфекционных и прочих заболеваниях

These medicines come in the form of eye drops and provide high-quality hydration of the mucous membrane, dryness which were provoked by the course of the inflammatory process. If such conservative therapy is insufficient, and the syndrome of «dry eye» continue to be concerned about alarming symptoms, use for therapeutic purposes, it is recommended that anti-inflammatory drugs, which are also produced as eye drops.


  • Maxitrol;
  • Tobradex;
  • Sofradeks.

Here is already a comprehensive list of contraindications, so the use of such medications is only recommended after prior consultation of the oculist and personal use.

The eyelid

If inflamed eyelids, is progressing one of the diseases. It can be mababait, phlegmon, furuncle, stye, abscess, blepharitis. A lot of options, and the antibacterial treatment, it is therefore an important preliminary consultation of the ophthalmologist, a full clinical examination of the affected organ.

Капли для глаз от воспаления при аллергии, сухости глаз, инфекционных и прочих заболеванияхThe antibiotic is selected individually, but as a rule, the standard range of penicillins and eritromitinom.

Popular are the following drops, relieves inflammation of the eye:

  • Normaks;
  • Levomitsetin;
  • Cipromed.

Also do not rule out hormonal therapy, but are assigned to hormones in exceptional clinical pictures, as it is not always effective, induce the habituation effect with continued use for the purpose of treatment and prevention. Most often it is the emulsion of hydrocortisone, used topically in medical recommendations.

The defeat of the conjunctiva

In this category of eye diseases got conjunctivitis in all shapes and varieties, which often becomes the result of increased activity of pathogenic infection. It is very important to choose wisely eliminates inflammation of the eye treatment.

Important! Drops – antibiotics just contributes to the mass extermination of microbes, and their local action allows you to «amplify the impact» directly on the hearth pathology.

Most often it is:

  • Sulfacetamide;
  • DEXA – gentamicin;
  • Garson.
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Also the positive dynamics of progressive eye disease corticosteroids provide, in particular, drops of Prednisolone and Hydrocortisone. They remove all the inflammatory symptoms, and the improvement is noticeable already after the first procedure.Капли для глаз от воспаления при аллергии, сухости глаз, инфекционных и прочих заболеваниях

Allergic eye disease

Many patients are particularly concerned about what drops when inflammation of the eye allergies are the most effective? Indeed, most often pathological process precedes the exacerbation of seasonal allergies, especially in the spring and summer.

In such a clinical picture is required to eliminate an allergen, strengthening the immune system and eliminate the unpleasant symptoms of allergies. Is antibiotic means the doctor recommends the local application of antihistamine drops, which should also be instilled into puffy eyes.


  • Allergodil;
  • Lekrolin;
  • Okumetil;
  • A good cough medicine;
  • Patanol.Капли для глаз от воспаления при аллергии, сухости глаз, инфекционных и прочих заболеваниях

Inflammation of the eye — the concept is quite vague and required the correct diagnosis after the detection of the reasons of such condition. So, before you start the treatment of inflamed eyes, you need to visit a specialist ophthalmologist.