Eye drops from inflammation children and adults (titles, duration of treatment, prices)

The eye is a sensitive organ that is exposed to pathogenic environmental factors. As a result of this threat may influence the course of the inflammatory process, which was urgently required to stop.

First, it is important to understand why there is a pathology of the eye, and then in conjunction with a qualified ophthalmologist to choose the most effective in specific clinical antibacterial drugs.Глазные капли от воспаления детские и взрослые (названия, длительность курса лечения, цены)

Selection of medicines for adults

Eye drops from inflammation – this is a real help for the eyes, which not only facilitate the General condition and relieve the aggravation, but will also allow you to prevent a number of ophthalmic diseases.

For adult patients, the medication list is extensive, it remains only to make a correct choice.

Sulfacetamide is the most common eye drops for inflammation of the eyes, main component of which is the notorious sulfatsil sodium. It is a broad-spectrum antibiotic that reduces inflammation, suppresses the viability of harmful bacteria, fights viruses. Despite the fact that it is used topically, it is not necessary to avoid its penetration into the systemic circulation and, consequently, the appearance in the body side effects. That is why this medication is often prescribed to adults than to children.Глазные капли от воспаления детские и взрослые (названия, длительность курса лечения, цены)

Diclofenac – even some eye drops, relieving inflammation in the shortest possible time. It is important to clarify that the medical preparation is intended for local use, and children can also take advantage of such appointment due to the absence of contraindications. However, since this category of patients the clinical study was not carried out, it is best to refrain from such risky treatment.

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Prednisone – these eye drops against inflammation have a hormonal origin, and therefore are assigned in advanced clinical pictures. The approximate course of treatment is 7 – 10 days, after which must come the final recovery.Глазные капли от воспаления детские и взрослые (названия, длительность курса лечения, цены)

This drug has many contraindications and side effects, but if appropriate for the patient, demonstrates a powerful therapeutic effect. So it is recommended to use a strictly individual basis and only as directed by your healthcare doctor.

All of these healing tools is identical to the effect on the nidus. Enough to perform a couple of vspryskivaniu drugs in each conjunctival SAC, and a noticeable improvement noticeable after a quarter of an hour. Treatment it is better to bring to an end to the disease completely regressed.

Selection of drugs for children

Глазные капли от воспаления детские и взрослые (названия, длительность курса лечения, цены)Choosing baby eye drops for the inflammation, it’s important to remember that the end result need not be accompanied by acute side effects that significantly decrease quality of life of the young patient. What works for adults is not always appropriate in complex therapy of the child.

But in pharmacology are available for children numerous eye drops for the inflammation. The prices are certainly much higher, but the effect of soft, gentle, safe for baby health.

Diklo f belongs to the pharmacological group of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, which not only removes the inflammatory process, but also stabilize the temperature regime of the organism, inhibit acute pain syndrome. These eye drops eliminate pathology on the background of mechanical injury, after surgery, with extensive infections.

Important! There are no drugs, «with all», each of them has its own purpose and action, so without a doctor’s prescription is not enough!

Глазные капли от воспаления детские и взрослые (названия, длительность курса лечения, цены)Floksal – the best tool for children with extensive lesions the eye of unknown origin. Despite the fact that it is an antibiotic, side effects are minor, almost never progress in the child’s body. But the effect is evident already after two drops, that is the next day since beginning intensive therapy.

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Chloramphenicol is a time tested tool that allowed even a newborn, so no side effect can not be afraid. Redness and swelling gradually disappear, and with them, a feeling of General discomfort.

Whatever remedy for sore eyes was not selected before purchasing it is important to consult with an ophthalmologist to eliminate risk of contraindications, side effects. This is especially true of children, since many drugs can simply hurt.