Eye drops from redness of the eyeball (cheap, baby, good)

Syndrome red eye is often accompanied by such sensations as dryness, mucous membrane irritation, fatigue, blurring of vision and deterioration of visual function. This set rarely occurs by itself, is not an independent disease, it is often a symptom of other disorders, which can be a common eye fatigue from work. But very often, this symptomatology does not indicate fatigue, but such a disease such as blepharitis, conjunctivitis, tension, dry eye syndrome or other diseases.

Blood vessels in the tissues in our eyes tend to dilate for various reasons, and this phenomenon looks like the redness on the proteins. Such a violation is not just a cosmetic defect, and strongly influences the visual acuity and even your General wellbeing. Therefore it is better to visit an ophthalmologist before purchasing medicines from redness in the eyes. Today we will tell you how to apply eye drops from redness and what they are.

The drugs

To understand how the impact of a substance entering the cornea of the eye, need to figure out what exactly causes the syndrome of red eyes.

Глазные капли от покраснения глазного яблока (дешевые, детские, хорошие)Squirrels change their colour for the following reasons:

  • infection;
  • inflammation;
  • contact lenses;
  • increased blood pressure;
  • fatigue;
  • environment if the air is saturated with chemical substances.

Good eye drops from redness and can affect the body, relieving symptoms or eliminating the cause of the violation. Cheapest eye drops redness are called natural Tears. It is effective if the redness caused by drying of the cornea. The drug compensates for a lack of tear fluid, moistening the cornea body. All decongestants are inexpensive.

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Important! To remove the symptoms is not enough, you must visit an ophthalmologist to establish an accurate diagnosis, only then can you use a prescribed medicine.

If we consider children’s eye drops from redness, we can say that children can use many drugs, the precise age of the patients was specified in the instructions to the drug.


Глазные капли от покраснения глазного яблока (дешевые, детские, хорошие)Eye drops relieves redness, but not affect the cause itself, called alpha-agonists. The composition of these medicines contain substances that can narrow the blood vessels. They help to cope with the redness and swelling due to the fact that prevent entry to the sclera and surrounding tissues a large amount of blood. This cheap pharmacy drugs, which are produced by pharmacists based on Oxymetazoline, naphazoline and tetryzoline. The most popular of these drugs is visine, Octile, Naphazoline and Okumetil.

Dilated vessels in the tissues of the sclera is often caused by bacteria, viruses or infectious processes, therefore, drops with redness of the eyeball needs to treat the root cause and not just relieve symptoms. Masking symptoms will not cure the patient of the disease. Often the goal of prescribed pharmaceutical preparations, created on the basis of broad-spectrum antibiotics. They include macrolides, aminoglycosides, tetracycline and chloramphenicol.

Глазные капли от покраснения глазного яблока (дешевые, детские, хорошие)Antibacterial drugs, can save you from the redness:

  • Cipromed;
  • Oftaquix;
  • Floksal;
  • Sulfacetamide;
  • Chloramphenicol;
  • Tobrex;
  • Sulfatsil sodium.

There are remedies which are very effective in viral diseases, such special solutions as Ophthalmoferon, Often, Aktipol, Cebrian and Interferon. If the disease has no viral nature and is not accompanied by inflammatory processes, then to eliminate the disease enough to use these drops, as, for example, Diclofenac. In the treatment of ailments used and excipients, for example, furacillin.

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It should be noted that the drugs that can remove the syndrome of red eyes, fall into such funds, which can eliminate only the symptoms, and medicines that treat the underlying cause of ailments. It is not enough just to narrow the blood vessels, forgetting for a moment about the problem after a few hours it will again make themselves felt. Therefore, in order to restore effective operation of the visual organs and to get rid of the disease, you must consult an ophthalmologist and to use medications only as directed.