Eye drops glaucoma — a list of groups of drugs for the treatment and prevention of

Glaucoma is considered the most dangerous eye disease. It accounts for the greatest number of all cases of blindness. When this insidious disease is that most of the time she doesn’t like about ourselves in any way. Only when a person starts an irreversible change of view, he begins to sound the alarm. However, glaucoma can be detected at any stage.

Any modern ophthalmologist’s office equipped with everything necessary for measuring intraocular pressure, and it can be measured within a few minutes. If in intraocular pressure is increased, it is time to begin the fight against this insidious disease.

Professional treatment

Глазные капли при глаукоме - список групп препаратов для лечения и профилактикиThe first and in many cases an effective remedy, eye drops for glaucoma. Therapy is considered a relatively safe treatment for people with acquired glaucoma, however, it is important to remember that the incorrect therapy is often a cause of the escalation of the disease. Drugs lowering the intraocular pressure of different types are combined into complexes, which are prescribed by the doctor. Self-administration of funds or the selection of one feature may not be as effective and the disease will continue to develop.

In addition, every drug has its side effects that also may be added, causing the patient some discomfort.

For the treatment important:

  • Highly skilled ophthalmologist who understands the interaction between certain drugs and may be time to replace the drops with strong side effects.
  • Determination of the patient who is willing to become a pedant at the time of treatment and not step to move away from the regimens of drugs.
  • The best cutting edge tools with minimal side effects and good reputation among doctors and treat people.
  • Important! The disease cannot be fully cured, but with proper use of eye drops to treat glaucoma, the vision may remain out of danger.

    If you are already diagnosed with glaucoma, it is not necessary to refer to the treatment of neglect, you should remember that you can completely lose vision.

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    How treat glaucoma eye drops

    Глазные капли при глаукоме - список групп препаратов для лечения и профилактикиThe cause of glaucoma – a violation of the outflow of the ocular fluid. That is, the flow of liquid remains the same, and the outflow decreases. Thus, the intraocular pressure could increase significantly, affecting all the organs of the eye, including the optic nerve, which over time can collapse, causing the eyes to blindness.

    There are two main effects on the eye, which have a eye drops for glaucoma. Are drugs that increase aqueous outflow of fluid from the eyeball and drugs that reduce its production. As shown, for effective treatment it is best to apply both types of tools. To obtain the comprehensive effect created a class of hybrid products that contain substances with the action of both types.

    By way of effects drugs are divided into 4 groups:

    • synthetic prostaglandins: improve the outflow of aqueous through uveoscleral channel (Xalatan, Travatan, Pilocarpine);
    • beta-blockers: reduce fluid production. It Betoptic, Timolol, and others.
    • holinomimetiki improve outflow in the anterior chamber of the eye. Indicated for angle-closure glaucoma;
    • antifermentny: also reduce fluid production;
    • drops consist of a combination of two active substances with different effect: drops fotil, Proksofelin.

    Eye drops glaucoma – a long list of several dozens of medicines. If we talk about who produces the best meds in this area, the leaders are the USA and Finland, but they release and most expensive drugs. In the selection of treatment with an ophthalmologist should always take into account the duration of the course. Some drugs are more effective, but are expensive, other are cheaper, but their use involves risk of side effects. Therefore the compromise is very important, as treatment must not be interrupted.

    Important! Correctly and on time the prescribed eye drops for the prevention and treatment of glaucoma can be an alternative to surgery.

    About which way is better, the debate will not subside for a long time, however, any option will require repeated treatment, as glaucoma is incurable today. It is important to regularly monitor their health, to visit an ophthalmologist every six months and to pay attention to the slightest changes in vision or unusual symptoms.