Eye drops of redness — types, price

When the eyes begin to swell and redden, and the eyeball is covered with small mesh, it’s time to think about prevention and to reduce intensive visual load. This often happens with shorter attention spans or during prolonged work at the computer when the eyes are constantly in tension. In such cases it is necessary to purchase special drops for the eyes, redness in the future to maintain the normal visual acuity, not to be a patient ophthalmologist prematurely.

The question immediately arises, what kind of medication is particularly relevant in this clinical picture? Only narrow specialist can reliably determine the most effective and safe eye drops from redness of the eyes, so an appointment with an ophthalmologist should follow immediately.

Visine and all its analogs

Капли для глаз от покраснения - виды, ценаTo start with the classic version, which in this case acts as visine and similar products. These drops relieve redness of the eyes, do not have sustained therapeutic effect, provide only temporary relief. In its composition the drug resembles a tear, and the eye forms a protective film that not only reduces redness, but also eliminates irritation, swelling, dry eye syndrome.

The drug is used topically, that is required to bury 1 drop in each conjunctive bag, shake, blink and open eyes for several minutes. Visible relief comes almost instantly, and continue to work with the computer, for example, after a few minutes of rest. To buy such a drug can be an average of 340 rubles, this is the most affordable medicines from such.


One drop of this eye from redness to completely remove the vascular mesh on the eyeball. This drug has a pronounced anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antibacterial and regenerating effect, therefore, should be appointed exclusively by an ophthalmologist.

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Method of application traditional, and among the side effects described a burning sensation of the conjunctiva, the violation of intraocular pressure, obvious signs of congestion.


Капли для глаз от покраснения - виды, ценаThis is the best drop from the red eyes; they are a bit overpriced, but it is justified. Use this medication without additional consultation of the doctor, since the effects of active ingredients soft and focused. After the first dose fades the visible redness, dryness syndrome, increased swelling and irritation and should such an appointment at high loads on the organ of vision, for example, when working at the computer, while reading in low-light conditions.

Used Innoxa externally, and the number of daily receptions specified in the instructions, according to the predominant clinical picture. Most often it is two drops in each conjunctive bag, and the number of intake per day – 3 to 4.

Important! To avoid health complications, you need to study the list of contraindications, and to adhere strictly to the prescribed doses. All this information is contained in the instructions for each drug.


Another no less effective drop against redness of the eyes, which can be used daily. They are available in gel form (as the name implies), but applied as a normal drop. They are used not only conjunctivitis, but also to reliably prevent visual overload. Karbomer as the main active ingredient on the surface of the conjunctiva retains lacrimal fluid, reducing the burden and eliminating extremely undesirable redness.

These drops relieve redness of the eye are absolutely safe, have no contraindications and side effects, and approved for use even during pregnancy, lactation. You can dig up to 4 times per day, and duration of therapy – to eliminate all disturbing symptoms. Read more about it here.

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Teardrop natural

Капли для глаз от покраснения - виды, ценаThese drops from red eyes cheap compared to many, but their efficacy is not in doubt. Used by all categories of patients, and the therapeutic and preventive effect is noticeable already after the first treatment instillation.

It is important to understand that the redness of the eyes treatment is necessary. Drops out individually, ideally after consultation with your doctor, as this symptom may be the first manifestation of any disease. Modern pharmacological industry offers a wide choice of medical preparations and you can pick up your ideal and the action and afford.