Eye drops vitamin and treatment for the elderly and young people (Riboflavin, taufon, etc.)

To eyes hurt, vision is not falling and eye diseases avoided, it is essential to ensure reliable prevention of optical system. Of course, it is recommended to enrich your daily diet with products with a capacious content of vitamins A and E, but these valuable items is additionally instilled in the eye. Глазные капли витаминные и лечебные для пожилых и молодых людей (с рибофлавином, тауфон и прочие)

Ophthalmologists often recommend prophylactic use eye drops vitamin, which today is dominated by freely in every pharmacy in the city.

Important! To select a specific medication, it is advisable together with your doctor to prevent highly undesirable side effects that can disrupt previous visual acuity.

The right choice eye drops

In fact, the range of vitamin preparations in the form of drops for the eyes not so much, but those that exist are useful in many situations. They are involved in metabolic processes occurring in the eye tissues, optimize and improve their positive effect and in the case of the treatment and the prevention.

Eye drops vitamin necessary for the elderly because with age, the vessels of the eye thins and becomes brittle, fragile. To strengthen the intraocular blood flow and to maintain visual acuity even in retirement, it is recommended to use for medicinal purposes the following drugs: Vitaphakol, Vita-Iodoral. You can use them only locally, but after consultation with a specialist regarding dose and duration of intake.Глазные капли витаминные и лечебные для пожилых и молодых людей (с рибофлавином, тауфон и прочие)

Increase visual acuity at any age vitamin eye drops with Riboflavin, which, incidentally, are universal healthcare, preventive ophthalmology for many years. Natural ingredients contains vitamin B2, which strengthens the structure of the retina, normalizes intraocular pressure and improves blood circulation, increases the elasticity of capillaries, facilitates nerve impulse stimulates the eye muscles.

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Eye drops Taufon also do not lose their relevance, but most often they prescribe ophthalmologist with worsening of eye diseases. It can be not only a cataract in all its manifestations, but also blepharitis, conjunctivitis, barley, increased visual load, burns, injuries of the retina. Overdosing is impossible side effects – a rare case, but a preliminary consultation with a specialist still will not be superfluous, because its active ingredient is directly involved in metabolism.

Important! Taufon does not contain any vitamins in its composition — taurine-specific amino acids. But because of the properties of this drug in people, it is often referred to vitaminosoderžaŝej drops.

Such eye drops are assigned, and depending on the lack of a vitamin, for various diseases. Therefore, self-treatment is absolutely unacceptable, as excess vitamins can also cause harm.

Indications for use eye drops

Meet in practice, different eye drops vitamin, therapeutic properties also differ somewhat, but still this assignment is very important for normal human life, especially if it is the so-called «risk group».

Eye vitamins you need to apply the following categories of people:

  • regularly with a high visual load (computer programmers, accountants, teachers);
  • patients with glaucoma, cataracts;
  • upon reaching the age of 40 years;
  • varicose veins;
  • with astigmatism, diabetes;
  • after a serious head injury, eye.

Глазные капли витаминные и лечебные для пожилых и молодых людей (с рибофлавином, тауфон и прочие)Why the vitamins in the drops? Because the drugs in this form is easily and rapidly absorbed and enter the systemic circulation, much faster bring a positive effect.

Because modern life is inextricably linked with computers and other gadgets to use eye drops as a preventive measure it is recommended that all patients without exception, the main thing is to read the summary and consult a doctor about such appointment. This is especially true for children who prefer to spend all my free time at the monitor.