Eye drops with a broad-spectrum antibiotic for adults and children (types, groups, list)

Eye drops antibiotic are very effective medicines. They are used to combat diseases of the eye caused by infection. As a rule, bacteria are the causative agents of many eye diseases such as:

  • maobit;
  • dacryocystitis;
  • creeping ulcer of the cornea;
  • purulent inflammation arising after surgery or injury;
  • conjunctivitis;
  • blepharitis;
  • keratitis;
  • uveitis and other diseases.

Quite a long list of ailments makes drops with antibiotics is very common. They take up the largest group of drugs to the eye. According to the active substance, such drugs is divided into drops with sulfa substances and medications with antibiotics.Капли глазные с антибиотиком широкого спектра для взрослых и детей (виды, группы, список)

What are antibiotic eye drops?

Drops antibiotic are drugs in ophthalmology, comprising the active substance semi-synthetic or natural origin. They are destructive effect on the microorganisms.

In medical practice, experts make use of different groups of eye drops-antibiotics the list is as follows:

  • Fluoroquinolones are the drugs Cipromed, Floksal, Signitzer.
  • Aminoglycosides, which are contained in Bilateral eye drops and Tobrex.
  • Chloramphenicol — these eye drops-an antibiotic belong to the group.
  • As for the second group of drugs with antibacterial action, sulfa drugs, they began to be used in medical practice a little early, but still actively used. Among them are such well-known medication like Sulfacetamide, Sulfacyl sodium, and others. They negatively affect bacteria and help get rid of infectious diseases.Капли глазные с антибиотиком широкого спектра для взрослых и детей (виды, группы, список)


    The application of drops in pediatric ophthalmology

    In pediatric ophthalmology actively prescribe antibiotics, eye drops for children for conjunctivitis, apply them 5-7 times a day, they are very effective in its treatment. Treatment of keratitis, which is very rare in children, occurs in the same manner as in adults.Капли глазные с антибиотиком широкого спектра для взрослых и детей (виды, группы, список)

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    Conjunctivitis is usually used drugs such as Trimethoprim, DEXA-gentamicin and Sulfacetamide sodium. They do not have significant side effects and relatively affordable. And the use of drugs, such as aminoglycosides in the treatment of children’s diseases is possible only for a short time, because long-term use, the corneal epithelium is damaged. The use of Neomycin can trigger contact allergies in children. A drug like Amikacin was developed not so long ago, it is less toxic and more suitable for backfilling children’s eyes. In relation to the strains that are resistant to tobramycin and gentamicin, this drug is very effective.

    Капли глазные с антибиотиком широкого спектра для взрослых и детей (виды, группы, список)In the treatment of bacterial conjunctivitis in children apply Erythromycin 0.5 per cent. As effective Povidone 2.5% and Normaks. Sometimes used to treat children’s diseases and used drugs with broad spectrum of action, they usually serve as a complement to antibiotics.

    Children from one year of life for treatment of infections caused by Haemophilus and Chlamydia, it is possible to use Moxifloxacin 0.5 percent. This drug dropped 3 times a day and has a very effective impact. However, there are certain limitations in its use.


    Drops for adults

    For the treatment of eye diseases in adults doctors use different drops, which contain antibiotics.

    In appointing the drug the ophthalmologist is guided by the following factors:

    • the patient’s condition and age;
    • range of action of the drug;
    • the individual acceptability of a substance;
    • the availability of medicinal products;
    • the combination of medication with the medication that the patient is already taking;
    • the effectiveness of a means in each case and others.
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    Despite the large variety of medications that exist today to combat eye infectious diseases, their range for the patient is significantly narrowed due to contraindications. Such contraindications, for example, can become a serious disease of the liver, neuritis of the auditory nerve, and others. In many cases, effective treatment prescribed eye drops, a broad-spectrum antibiotic, for example, for treatment of keratitis.

    Important! To appoint eye drops with an antibiotic should only be a doctor, because these drugs have a number of contraindications!

    In addition it is important to consider the individual tolerance of substances in preparations patients. If you do not take this into account, the condition may be exacerbated. It is possible and the manifestation of allergic reactions.Капли глазные с антибиотиком широкого спектра для взрослых и детей (виды, группы, список)

    It is also very important for effective treatment of infectious eye diseases to prescribe those drugs that are effective against a particular disease. If the drug causes a burning sensation in the eyes or stinging, it is necessary to ask the doctor to find another medicine that will be more comfortable to use. Thus, only a doctor can prescribe effective and safe medication for each patient.

    Summing up, it should be said that to date, pharmacists introduce us a wide range of medicines to fight infectious diseases of the eye. They include antibiotics, created by semi-or on a natural basis. In each case, to appoint a particular drug can only be a specialist.