Eye surgery laser: indications, effects, reviews, videos, price

According to statistics, every fourth inhabitant of Russia suffers from vision problems. Previously, it was the people mainly the elderly. But in the last decade, myopia has become a scourge of the young, and problems with vision occur earlier and earlier.

Deteriorating vision in the first place, impact on everyday life. The person feels restricted, the world becomes smaller, there is a lack of confidence, sometimes develops a tendency to melancholy and depression. To correct the vision means to escape from the cage, to get rid of any restrictions.

What is Lasik eye surgery with a laser?

Операция на глаза лазером: показания, последствия, отзывы, видео, ценаToday eye surgery laser is the only known effective method of correction of myopia. Recently vision correction has become very common that it can be done in every major city. Moreover, the cost of surgery on eye laser, comparable to the cost of expensive eyeglass frames (20-30 thousand rubles).

To date, there is no person who could afford this procedure. The only question is whether afford it, whether positive results or cause surgery more harm?

Correction with laser is one of the most reliable and safe operations. Today the equipment used in this procedure so modern and high precision that minimizes any deviations in its conduct. Operation is almost instantaneous. In the operating room, the patient comes for 15-20 minutes, and after 3 hours he goes home. With all the precautions, after three days, the effects from the surgery will not be felt.

Операция на глаза лазером: показания, последствия, отзывы, видео, ценаEye surgery with laser is performed on the cornea of the eye. This changes the refraction of light so that the patient began to see how people with normal vision.

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Vision is corrected in the range from of 0.6-0.7 to -0.1 to +0.3 mm with myopia. The result should be saved for life.

A well-seen man begins almost immediately after surgery, no additional treatment or rehabilitation do not hold.

What is the procedure?

Operation is assigned with the permission of the ophthalmologist, after careful study. All the data about the vision recorded in medical records, in order that the surgeon was able to make the necessary calculations.

Immediately before the operation, carried out accurate electronic calculations on which to perform the operation.

In the next phase, special high-precision automatic tool microkeratom removes the top layer of the cornea, exposing the laser to the tissue and layers. This procedure virtually harmless and occurs almost imperceptibly. Then, the laser beam vaporizes a portion of the tissue of the cornea, correcting the refraction of the eye to the desired level. After that, the protective layer of the cornea back into place.Операция на глаза лазером: показания, последствия, отзывы, видео, цена

Important! After surgery for up to 3 months there are some restrictions that must be followed.

Details about them will tell the attending physician; in brief, it may be noted that in the next week eyes, do not RUB, soak and soaping, it is advisable not to sleep on the side of the operated eyes.

Within three months you need to protect the eyes from water and heat (not recommended for bath, sauna and pool), as well as from the sun, protecting eyes sunglasses.

How to do eye surgery laser video will demonstrate clearly:

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Contraindications to laser eye surgery

Like any surgery, laser correction has its contraindications and limitations.

  • the age of 18;
  • pregnancy and the breastfeeding period.


  • endocrine, autoimmune diseases and immunodeficiency;
  • diabetes type 1 diabetes ( with type 2 diabetes on the survey results, in some cases, the operation is allowed);
  • inflammatory processes and infectious diseases;
  • other disorders of eye and has already undergone surgery on the eyes.Операция на глаза лазером: показания, последствия, отзывы, видео, цена

Important! No need to hide from the ophthalmologist certain diseases, as the consequences of the operation may not be predictable — up to a total loss of vision!

Eye surgery laser: is there a danger?

Safe enough eye surgery laser reviews, which the vast majority positive, still is not without side effects. They occur not often, but deciding on operation, you need to remember them.

  • after the surgery vision has not improved, has not improved till perfect. Treatment involves a second operation;
  • vision continues to deteriorate. Very rarely, in 1-2 years the vision returns to its preoperative state. In this case also recommended a second operation;
  • distortion of vision. In rare cases, there is an effect when the different rays in the eyes are not the same, because of this, there is a distortion of vision;
  • dryness of the eyes. One of the side effects in which human life will have to use moisturizing drops;
  • the most dangerous outcome is complete loss of vision. Is due to hardware failure and too deep eye damage laser, corneal, infections.Операция на глаза лазером: показания, последствия, отзывы, видео, цена

To successful eye surgery laser, and the price and the consequences were not too severe, you need to remember the following:

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  • Follow all the instructions and advice of doctor before and after surgery.
  • Not to hide any information of a medical nature, a doctor must know about all possible contraindications.
  • Choose only well-known official of the clinic with a large and positive history.
  • Important! Laser correction, despite its apparent simplicity, is very responsible and serious operation!

    On the Internet you will find many testimonials of people endlessly happy that I got the opportunity. However, daring the operation, you need to know about all the possible consequences, no matter how rare they may be, weigh the «pros» and «cons» and then make a responsible decision. The more largely the success of the operation depends on the patient.