Eye surgery myopia as it is treated (reviews, prices, videos)

Myopia has ceased to be a sentence. For more than 20 years, there are methods of surgical vision correction, and every year the number of successfully applied variants is increasing. Myopia can be corrected, and it only remains to decide how to do it.

In total, there are about 20 medical technology promises to fix myopia, which can be divided into three groups:

  • scleroplasty;
  • refractive surgery;
  • laser surgery.

Each of the existing operations on the eye with myopia has its own readings, unique features and scope.


Операция на глаза близорукость как именно лечится (отзывы, стоимость, видео)The most common two methods — posterior scleroplasty and sclerocarya injection. Both methods are in strong changes of view. And their main task is to stop the progression of myopia.

Rear used scleroplasty in progressive myopia caused by the change of shape of the eyeball. To stop this process in the back of your eyes are entered scleroplastic small pieces of tissue through microscopic incisions.The operation is usually carried out at-5-6 diopters and is designed to stop the development of myopia.

Sclerocarya injections are operations that can be performed in childhood and adolescence. They allow you to stop the development of myopia if you vision deterioration at 1 DPT in a year or more. Injection is a special polymer gel that is injected into the eye and becomes the basis for the growth of connective tissue. Thus stops the progression of myopia. And the gel is eventually absorbed without a trace. Read more about skleroplastic in children you can read in our article.

Refractive surgery

Операция на глаза близорукость как именно лечится (отзывы, стоимость, видео)These operations are quite specific and are assigned in cases where not available laser vision correction.

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Keratome — the operation by which the cornea is applied to a small, shallow notches. Surgery show at small deviations of view.

— Assisted in situ Keratomileusis – surgery, during which a special medical tool called Keraterm, deleted the layer of the cornea. Ceratoides — operation, which is prescribed for large d, as a rule,higher than those shown for laser vision correction.

Extraction of the lens is the most complex operation, during which removes the lens of the eye, and in its place set lens implant made subject to distortion of vision. This operation is prescribed only in case of very serious abnormalities of view — up to — 12 diopters.

Important! There is no single surgery eyes with myopia and choose the option according to the testimony of a qualified expert.

Laser vision correction

This is the most modern and effective method of correcting myopia. Laser surgery alters the degree of refraction of the cornea so that vision was normal. Laser surgery vision carried out only after 18 years and assuming that the progression of myopia over. The maximum limit for operations — 6 diopters. It is made of the fact that for large deviations the cornea becomes thinner dangerous.

Операция на глаза близорукость как именно лечится (отзывы, стоимость, видео)That laser eye surgery with myopia is very affordable, will tell any video of her.

There are two progressive method of laser vision correction:

  • photorefractive keratectomy;
  • laser in-situ Keratomileusis.

Photorefractive keratectomy – in which there is a selective evaporation of parts of the cornea, thus to form a new surface with the changed refraction of light, providing the desired visual acuity. This operation is very fast, the recovery period after only three hours. And almost immediately one begins to see normally without lengthy adaptation and treatment period. However, treatment is possible only when a small and average degree of myopia.

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Laser in-situ Keratomileusis is a combination of two techniques. In the course of the operation by Keraterm is cut and pushed aside the top shell of the cornea. The inner layer is evaporated under the action of the laser at a certain depth. Then the top layer of the cornea is set in place. It is believed that this method has fewer side effects, however, the operation has a long adaptation period to 2 weeks.

Surgery for vision correction in myopia is presented in the following video:

Despite the fact that with myopia price surgery eye is acceptable for all, the question of to do or no vision correction, and still are to this day. The main reason for doubt is possible side effects, which certainly exist.

However, the low quality of vision has its pitfalls that are pushing people to conduct operations. Ultimately, the choice is always individual and based on subjective attitude to ophthalmic surgery.

To date, the cost of laser surgery on eyes with myopia lower than the cost of a dental implant in half, and risk of side effects with each passing year is getting smaller. A positive feedback about operations on the eyes for myopia meet many times more often negative.