Eyeglass lenses for computer — the principle of operation, reviews, price

Many people who spend at the computer more than 4 hours a day and still have vision problems, are thinking about to purchase glasses that not only allow you to see well, but also to prevent further deterioration that may cause eye strain. Points to work on PC or laptop must have a special glass because the strain on the eyes from computer radiation is too high, the lens must perform two roles – correction of vision, subjects were seen clearly and accurately, and protect your eyes from stress. These eyeglass lenses for computer glasses differ from regular glasses. There are varieties of prescription lenses for those who see too well, and without a diopter adjustment for those who have vision is fine, but you need to protect it from possible problems.

Eyeglass lenses for computer work: principle of operation and features

Линзы для очков для компьютера - принцип действия, отзывы, ценаA key feature of these glasses is that they have a coating applied by vacuum deposition. This coating contains filters, operating on the principle of interference. They screen out the harmful spectrum of radiation emitted by a computer screen or notebook, and pass only that part which does not bear harm to health. To harmful parts are predominantly particles that cause glare and lead to excessive fatigue of the eye muscles.

In addition to filtering lenses for computer glasses can be used for correction of sight, if a person has problems. If the person uses contact lenses, for glasses you can find glasses with no lenses.

Lenses for computer glasses have other positive properties. So, they increase the level of efficiency, and due to the load reduction of employees becomes less sleepy, even if working at a screen for more than 8 hours. Reducing stress on the eyes leads to the elimination of symptoms such as watery eyes, eye irritation, swollen eyelids, redness. The use of special lenses well and that the image displayed on the monitor, it becomes more clear and bright enough to understand. Contrast – an effect that appears to the desired extent when using such lenses.

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In addition, eye retinas and lenses get protection from ultraviolet radiation, because the harmful part of the spectrum is also cut off. Some diseases related to eyes can be prevented if you use lenses, and photokeratitis after prolonged use of the PC becomes less pronounced.

Eyeglass lenses for computer work: varieties

Линзы для очков для компьютера - принцип действия, отзывы, ценаThere are several types of lenses that differ in structure and applicable for eye protection in different cases:

Monofocal. In this kind of coverage is designed to address the surveillance PC display, thus expanding the field of view. If a person has no vision problems, to protect him right for this. If a person suffering from myopia or, on the contrary, hyperopia, remote or too close to one another will be perceived with distortion.

The bifocal. This kind is arranged as follows: the lower part is made to review the subjects that are near, and the upper serves to focus on the information displayed on the PC screen. These lenses are easily distinguished by the visual boundary between the zones, they are designed exclusively for use with the computer.

Линзы для очков для компьютера - принцип действия, отзывы, ценаProgressive. These lenses are similar in appearance with the first type, but they are arranged in three parts for review. The upper part is used for the consideration of distant subjects, the average, the widest area is designed to focus on the screen, and the lower part is required for viewing close things. This type of lens is the most convenient, and it can be used not only for the computer. Glasses with such lenses used for protection against harmful ultraviolet spectrum, due to which they can be worn as protection from the sun.

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The price of lenses for glasses for the computer depends on the manufacturer, as well as special properties: polarization, presence or absence diopters. You can buy them as in conventional optics, and in online stores. Quality lenses for glasses for computer work, reviews which are mostly good, the cost from 1500 rubles and above.

Choose the lenses for these glasses need with the help of a doctor; he does not just advise you best, but will diagnose vision. In the case of the slightest deviation will prescribe a method of treatment and corresponding accessories.